Virtualinfocom To Release Gaming App ‘ Essence of Chhau’

After working on gaming apps like Sukhu and Dukhu, Aswathama  , Ravana ,  Kolkata based Animation and Gaming Studio-Virtualinfocom, is now working on another game app–‘Essence of Chhau’. This 3D game highlights the Chhau dance of West Bengal and will soon be available on iOS and Android later this November. This 7 level game targets the Indian and International audience as a whole. The first 5 levels will be free and once the player completes these levels, one will have to pay for the last two levels.  It includes 12 Mythological characters, Ram being the lead character.  The player will represent Ram, who keeps fighting with Ravana and other demons, as they create several obstacles on his Spiritual Yatra. At several levels, the players will enter different traditional dance forms of Chhau, Madhubani and Patta katha.

Talking to about the purpose of this game, Arijit Bhattacharyya, Director, Virtualinfocom says, “Through this game, we want to bring out the essence of the dance culture, heritage and the hidden real art form of West Bengal.”

“Pattachitra”, a well known painting style of Odisha and Bengal, has been artistically utilized for this game. Such traditional paintings bring out a Hindu Mythological feel to the game. Why did you choose to highlight this form of dance specifically for your game? To this, Arijit mentions, “As Chhau blends within its varied forms of both dance and martial practices employing mock combat techniques  stylized gaits of birds and animals (called chalis and topkas) and movements based on the chores of village housewives (called uflis), it will give out a mythological connect to our audience.” “The characters and the art work that will be seen  in this game, are prepared by using handmade paper and then given a digital touchin the post production stage.” Arijit adds. The team has carefully chosen the original music beats of Chhau dance and edited it to bring out several moods in the game. Amitava Bhattacharya, helped virtualinfocom to know the indepth details of Chhau Dance A team of 14 artists completed this game in total 8 months. Blender and GIMP software was used for designing this game. “Dance fighting, Representation of Ram’s Magical powers, Pot art and different character Masks is what makes it a ‘Unique Mythological’ game app”, Arijit concludes