Ubisoft’s ‘Roller Championship’ to release on 25 May

Ubisoft’s Roller Championship, a free to play multiplayer derby game, is ready to launch on 25 May. The game was first revealed by Ubisoft in 2019 at an E3 event. Roller Championship is set to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X. At a later date, the game will also be released for Nintendo Switch, Stadia and Amazon Luna.

One can create a personal character, give it a unique look, strap on to skates, and can bead to the oblong arena. Two teams with three players each will have a face-off and the first one to score five points wins the game.

There are no-holds-barred when entering the arena just like in real derby, the players can elbow drop, tackle or can give a flying roller skate jump kick to the opponents to gain control of the ball. In order to score points, the players can jump, dunk or bodily dive through the opponent’s hoop. Running laps around the arena increase the value of scoring, but it also increases the possibility of opposing players establishing a defensive line. With massively scalable walls, bright light and Tron-like streams of light following each player make the arena look larger than life. 

As the players advance in the game, they can unlock new leagues and stadiums, which will represent the user’s rise from a rookie to a star. The players can keep changing their avatars as and when they unlock new items. 

Roller Championship will offer a free Roller Pass where players may unlock fear like helmets, gloves, clothes, skates, poses, goal FX emotes, and other cosmetics. A premium version of the Roller Pass will be available for purchase and will include things not found on the free pass or in the in-game shop.