Truke founder and CEO Pankaj Upadhayay speaks on the launch of  gaming TWS, the BTG-1 and BTG-2

The German origin brand with most products designed in Germany, Truke launched its first gaming-range True Wireless Stereo (TWS) the Born to Game series comprising the novel duo of gaming TWS, the BTG-1 and BTG-2. 

Speaking on the launch, Truke founder and CEO Pankaj Upadhayay said, “In the past one year of our operations, we have received an overwhelming response from our customers who have used our products and have become advocates of our product quality and durability. It is because of their continuous support we have been able to capture significant market share in the TWS category in India in just one year. Having already aced the TWS and sonic accessories space, we are launching our new TWS product range, Born To Game (BTG), to cater to the growing gaming population in India, at an incredibly affordable price. The products are packed with all the sound support features one would require to have a premium gaming experience. In future, we will continue to work on our endeavour to become India’s best wearable accessory brand.”

Truke started their operations in late 2019 and since then they have launched a variety of TWS products which are accepted and appreciated by consumers. With the launch of gaming range, they aim to provide a superior music and gaming experience to users. 

Speaking about the brand, Upadhayay shared with AnimationXpress, “We are committed in producing the finest cutting-edge range of wireless earphones, headphones, and sound accessories while focusing on delivering premium sound quality, reliability, wearing comfort, and durability, with a confluence of matchless artistry and creative engineering. Every Truke product is shaped and tuned with the utmost patience to extend the perfect listening experience to the minutest detail.”

The brand is also planning to enter into the Indian esports ecosystem. He shared that the esports ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate and as the gaming population in the country is growing, more tournaments are being organised. However, he feels that the government as well as private sectors should promote the esports ecosystem to further  push the esports sector. In fact he suggested that to create more awareness, the esports tournaments should be live telecasted in India.   

The two wireless Bluetooth earplugs are priced at Rs 1,999 and with the launch of the first gaming TWS products in India, Truke’s goal is “to make gaming a comfortable and convenient affair.” TWS is the best accessory for activities like gaming which requires hours of engagement. Today’s GenZ population find huge and bulky headphones outdated and are looking for new products which can better alternative to these accessories. “Apart from making lightweight TWS, we focus on strong battery life which helps our consumers to concentrate on their game without worrying about the battery of their sound accessory,” he added.

Their gaming expedition is not just limited to these two ear plugs, in fact they will continue to launch gaming dedicated products (not limited to TWS) in future as well. He said, “Gaming gadgets territory is on boom even after the pandemic and the esports ecosystem is growing globally at an exponential rate and we feel that there is lots of space available for us to introduce our revolutionary gaming products in the market.”

As per him, TWS product range, Born To Game (BTG), will cater to the growing gaming population in India. In fact the products are packed with all the sound support features one would require to have a premium gaming experience and aim to continue to work on their endeavor to become India’s best wearable accessory brand.

Speaking on the upcoming gaming products, he shared, “Our upcoming product range consists of smartwatches, gaming neckbands, and IoT products. We will continue to focus on the gaming population giving them a better and premium sound quality as sound plays an important role in your overall gaming experience. Strong battery backup also makes our product stand out from the league which gives users an uninterrupted playing experience. Additionally, our products are affordable which do not burn a hole in the pocket of our customers.”

Already a lot of gamtech companies have set their footprints in the Indian market like HyperX, LogitechG and so on. When asked about how challenging will it be for their brand, he replied, “For consumers, gaming is not just an activity but an experience. They are constantly looking for better and premium accessories that can enhance their gaming experience. Hence, we believe that we have just touched the tip of the iceberg which is yet to be explored completely. Additionally, we are the first brand to introduce gaming-centric TWS in India and are providing an alternative to consumers to skip bulky headphones.”

Online esports tournaments are engaging more audiences in India and people could enjoy esports at the comfort of their homes. He shared that engaging with the growing gaming population in the country is their priority. The enthusiasm in this consumer segment for esports gave them an opportunity to engage with them on such platforms. They also started looking for partnering with esports platforms tapping the population.

They agree that roping in local celebrities (film, sports, influencers, streamers, and so on) as brand ambassadors will create more awareness about the brand. They are already in talks with celebrities who resonate with their brand and confidently shared that they will surely introduce the face of their brand in the coming couple of months. 

“We have a strong pipeline of products for our customers. We’ll continue to make and launch a best-in-class TWS in budget as well as the mid-budget segment. Apart from that, we are planning to launch smartwatches and expand our market share in the wearable accessory segment,” he added.

BTG1 will be available at Flipkart and BTG 2 will be available on Amazon today onwards. The products are available in two attractive designs: the futuristic radiant design and the modern tribal design.

Here is the review and unboxing of the Truke BTG1 and Truke BTG2