Tripledot Studios secures $78 million series A funding from leading global investors -

Tripledot Studios secures $78 million series A funding from leading global investors

Tripledot Studios, a rapidly growing mobile games company, has secured $78 million from three leading global investors, Eldridge, Access Industries and Lightspeed Venture Partners in its Series A funding round.

Founded in 2017 by industry veterans Lior Shiff, Akin Babayigit and Eyal Chameides, the Company has rapidly scaled to strong profitability and has reached more than $100 million revenue run-rate as of the beginning of 2021. Tripledot has attracted an active user base of 11 million people, up from six million only six months ago, and has tripled its employee base in the last 12 months to over 90 employees.

Tripledot CEO, Lior Shiff remarked: “This funding round is a major milestone for us. It’s a privilege to partner with leading investors who share our long-term focus and vision to create a truly great business. We will continue building brilliant games ourselves and are excited to rollout the next generation of Tripledot titles later this year. At the same time, the funding round will allow us to accelerate our growth by acquiring studios that can benefit from our expertise.”

Hailing from household names such as Facebook, King, Peak Games and Product Madness – which was founded by Shiff – Tripledot Studios has been built with people and data at the heart of the Company. With offices in gaming hubs such as London and Minsk, the Company has been able to attract some of the very best talent in the industry, and the additional funding will enable the company to continue to grow.

 Tripledot COO, Akin Babayigit, COO added: “We want to build the Apollo program of mobile gaming by bringing together the best people in the industry and collectively build the best environment in which to make games. Our offices in London and Minsk allow us to tap into some of the top pools of gaming talent in the world. This talent and the culture we build around it is our biggest asset.”

Tripledot has a diverse portfolio of titles such as Solitaire, Woodoku and Blackjack, which remain popular far beyond the traditional mobile app lifespan. The Company also has several innovative titles in production, which are due to be released later this year.

Tripledot CPO, Eyal Chameides, commented: “Gaming has a reputation as a ‘hit-driven industry.’ We think this is a misnomer; it actually is a data-driven industry. Data is at the heart of everything we do, with our focus on user acquisition, monetization, product management and data science. People are very surprised at our ability to scale evergreen products like Solitaire, and this is entirely due to our relentless focus on building a data-driven company.”

Eldridge Todd Boehly, said: “Mobile gaming has huge potential for growth and the Tripledot team has taken a thoughtful and ambitious approach to scaling the Company. We look forward to leveraging Eldridge’s gaming and eSports network to support Tripledot as they continue to grow and develop new games for all types of players.”

Access Entertainment, president Danny Cohen, who will be joining the company’s board, said: “The extraordinary team at Tripledot Studios has rapidly built a special company in one of the fastest growing entertainment formats globally. Access Entertainment has a strong track record of identifying and supporting fast-growth companies in the media and entertainment sector, and we are delighted to invest in a management team that combines data science and creativity with such outstanding results.”

Lightspeed partner, David Gussarsky, added: “A truly ambitious team with an impeccable track record, building the future of entertainment. This is what we saw in Tripledot, and we are incredibly excited to partner with them.”