Trinity Gaming speaks on talent management in gaming and esports sector

With the growth in the gaming and esports sectors in India, a lot of brands have started tapping into this industry to cash out on the popularity of players. Not just that, today gaming and esports have become a viable career option in India and many players are pursuing it professionally. To make a successful career in gaming and esports one needs to enhance and market it the right way. This is where the gaming talent management company comes in the picture, and Trinity gaming is one of them.

Trinity Gaming was founded in 2019 by Shivam Rao and Abhishek Aggarwal as they foresaw the need of having a Talent Management Firm for the gaming industry, where gamers can be handled to make a viable career. 

Shivam Rao

In conversation with Animation Xpress, Trinity Gaming co-founder and COO Rao said, “With a tagline of ‘Game, Connect and Build’, Trinity Gaming helps beginners to make a serious career out of their passion for gaming. The company is committed to encourage gamers who want to pursue a career out of it. Currently, we manage more than 200 top content creators in India who specialise as entertainers and influencers for the gaming ecosystem.”

Earlier gaming revolved around professional gaming tournaments and international competitions. According to Rao esports has experienced a hike in gaming entertainers which officially began with PUBG. Post its ban, Valorant became a new competitive esport and entertainment attraction.

They felt the ecosystem required a talent management agency as the gaming industry suddenly saw a spike in the people wanting esports as a profession. Since most of the influencers are young and lack the professional experience to deal with brand negotiations and collaboration, it triggered Trinity gaming to step in. “We all know individually approaching the brands is a bit challenging therefore Trinity Gaming does that for their influencers,” Rao added.

He further commented, “Trinity gaming has always focused on investing in human resources. After that, we decided to invest in helping creators to grow. We believed that by having a good human resource and influencers on board, it will be easier to collaborate with brands that we experienced. Today, we are proud to have dynamo gaming, Godnixon and Kronten with us, along with the brands like ASUS. We are also the exclusive Creator Service Provider (CSP) for Facebook gaming.”

The influencers can carry on with their regular streams and audience interactions to stay connected to them. The brand managers provide them with a systematic plan to handle everything professionally and without any burden and can enjoy gaming too. 

For beginners, they scout and give chances to potential and passionate gamers to build a career in the esports and gaming industry. They provide them with marketing support, graphical assistance and more resources to grow. However, their growth and the standings in the industry totally depends on the will power and handwork of the gamers. They further support them in their initial growth stages and motivate them mentally and emotionally. If a creator reaches the stage of a gaming influencer, they further provide them with brand deals where they can channel their potential and passion to earn money. 

“If any creator wants to be a part of Trinity Gaming, he/she should have few qualities like dedication, passion for gaming, knowledge of the industry and good public interaction skills. If they have these qualities, they are welcome onboard,” mentioned Rao.

Apart from that, Trinity also works on content optimisation and helps them with any technical support required. They believe every creator is different and has diverse potential and they are trying to focus on the creators individually and understand the challenges they are facing during their growth. Based on the information they receive, the staff helps with guidance to remove any sort of hindrances.

Currently, most games played by the influencers of Trinity are Gta 5, Valorant, PUBG, Freefire. The rise of interest of audiences and gamers in mobile gaming has led to a decline in the number of PC gamers but was greatly handled after the launch of Valorant. He believes after the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, audiences and gamers will indulge both in mobile and PC gaming.


When asked if it’s beneficial for a player to play more than one game, Rao stated, feel an influencer playing a wide variety of games is always benefited as each game has a different audience and playing that particular game not only attracts the game audience but also the brands associated with the games. This can give more opportunities to the gamers and influencers, providing them with a wider scope.”

So how can a player of Call of Duty Mobile who has accomplished all levels pursue a career in it? To this Rao explained,Call of Duty is one of the nationally and internationally recognized games, therefore it can open a wide variety of jobs related to the achievements. Either you can join the professional teams who play for the tournaments or you can become an entertainment streamer on different platforms. One more interesting opportunity can be a professional caster, analyst, team manager or even a coach. It totally depends on your interest area.”

Talking about Trinity’s 2021 plans, Rao revealed,Trinity gaming will be investing in organizing gaming tournaments. We are also looking forward to our project initiative named “Scale up Gaming Gurukul” where we will invite potential creators to our content house and provide them with coaching on gaming by the top creators of the industry. Since we are also the CSPs of Facebook gaming, we will work on enhancing the growth of gaming creators and the audiences on Facebook.”

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