Trine all armed to work on LOC

With a positive go for it attitude, Trine game studios has started work on its second game, Line of Control (LOC) even as its first game is still being developed.

Work on the game started around a month ago and is currently being developed by Trine`s programming team which is located overseas which would be relocating to India soon. According to the studio, LOC is expected to be released towards the end of 2007 for PC and a next-generation console.

Speaking to Animation, Trine`s young CEO, Sangam Gupta shared, “Looking at the team dedication and team`s passion for developing games, we at Trine decided to go ahead and start developing our second game. The game will be using Trine`s in-house next-gen rendering technology known as “Tri3D engine” developed and constantly improved over a period of 2 years by Trine`s core programming team.”

LOC is about the lust for power and territory which in the Indian subcontinent is rising across the Line of control. In the game, armies have been deployed and begun their assault on multiple fronts from Kargil to Rajasthan.” Line of control” is a first-person shooter set amidst the chaos and turmoil at the border. The game has an exciting multiplayer game play. Players will experience the war through the point of view of both the armies, allowing them to step into the roles of different soldiers on the front lines who must endure different operations. Real army weapons and vehicles from the two armies such as tanks, jeeps, and more can also be commandeered for the war effort.

Trine is also stepping up on the development of its first game, Legends of Great India.

Speaking about the progress of the game, Sangam shared, “Several improvements have been made to the game. With the inclusion of more artists to the team, the game will feature 80 units now instead of the initially planned 55. More levels will be supplied with the final version. A new innovative gameplay feature codenamed, “The Alter system” has been introduced for the first time which improves the fun factor. Currently research is on for an enhanced multiplayer system.”

Twenty characters out of the eighty in Legends of Great India have been completed with different abilities, game play and interesting animation. These 80 units are split and balanced among three factions. The game features levels from Ranbhumi to Himalayas, from the jungles to Rama Bridge and beyond. Gods play a major role in the game and the factions utilize god powers in dominating other teams. Buildings layouts of one faction has been completed with 2 factions remaining.

The target for finishing the assets as well as achieving the alpha game stage is February 2007 followed by DEMO on Mid- April 2007. Trine will start signups for beta by general public starting April which will give gamers a chance to play the game before it releases and provide feedback on bugs and other improvements. The studio started with a team of eight which has now increased to 40 working day night on developing the games.

Sangam concluded by saying, “We have already received numerous praises for our work on “Legends of Great India” from friend studios overseas. This is just a dawn of the gaming industry in India, Shortly you`ll see more and more game development studios come up and create excellent content and make India proud.”

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