Top five online slots with great animation

With the endless wave of high-end graphic cards, the invention of 8K televisions, and the increasingly high demand for crisp images, the way we see things has changed drastically over the last few years. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. 

From jaw-dropping animations and graphics to virtual worlds that make us feel like we’re really in the environment we’re seeing, great visuals are always a treat. In fact, we have become so used to superb graphics and animation that we often become critics of the slightest flaw in anything we see.

No industry is exempt from this. From fashion to social media and even online casinos, we expect graphics to delight our eyes. If you’re a gambler who enjoys gorgeous visuals while playing, check out our list below of the best online slot games that feature great animation.

Ariana – Microgaming

With a reputation for making slot games that are beautiful to look at, Microgaming delivered once again with this fantastic slot. The game features the classic five-reel configuration and has an eye-catching underwater theme. It also has 25 pay lines that you can use to score big.

With an underwater theme, the game makes solid use of different shades of blue to make you feel like you are playing in the great deep. The smooth animation of the reels as they spin is smooth and fluid, making you think of running water. This complements the soothing background music that will allow you to chill while you play.

Aside from the stunning graphics, Ariana also features expanding high-value symbols. These will grow to fill the entire first reel, which can lead to impressive wins. There are also wild symbols and a scatter that can trigger the free spins bonus round. 

Gold Rush Gus – Bovada Gaming/Qora Games

Released in 2019, this exciting slot game uses the traditional 5-reel configuration. However, it puts a massive spin on things (pun intended) when you try and win on any of the ten available pay lines. This twist is wonderfully displayed in the game’s funky graphics and wacky design and is unlike other websites to play on

While all the symbols and characters in the game will remind you of the US gold rush, the animation certainly won’t. When placing a bet, rather than the reels falling and spinning as is the norm, there is a fun animation that involves Gus and his pickaxe.

Running across the screen to a new set of hidden symbols, Gus strikes down with his axe, revealing the hidden symbols. If you don’t win, one of the game’s features involves strikingly vivid lava flooding certain reels and re-spinning them. If you win, you’ll be treated to upbeat music and Gus doing a jig. 

Separate from the fun graphics and exciting music, the game is packed with extras. These include a progressive jackpot, a free spin scatter, and a bonus game. 

A Night with Cleo – Rival Gaming/WooHoo

The saying that sex sells comes to life with this provocative and visually appealing game. Played with five reels and 20 pay lines, this game will take you to ancient Egypt to spend time with Cleopatra, who has undoubtedly had some work done to make her look like a runway model.

The game has a stunning background that features the pyramids of Egypt and the Nile River. These are offset against a shimmering blue sky with soft and mysterious music that will make you think of Egyptian tombs and the heiress that once ruled the land. There is also a gamble feature that lets you see a risqué version of the queen your eyes won’t believe. 

Thankfully, the game isn’t only about looks but also features some other significant aspects. These include the gamble feature and a free spin scatter that lets you win big without paying. 

Jurassic Park – Microgaming

Inspired by the hit film, this slot has 5 reels and a staggering 243 different pay lines that you can win on. However, the many ways to win aren’t anything compared to the stunning graphics offered.

The slot has a realistic jungle background that makes you feel like you’re there. This is made more real by the fitting music that holds just the right amount of suspense. The symbols are also works of art, featuring main characters from the film, several beautifully illustrated dinosaurs, and the iconic Jurassic Park logo. 

The game also has a stunning feature called T-Rex Alert. Here, you will see flashing lights, and a T-Rex will appear on the screen. During this, up to 35 wilds are added to increase your chances of winning. Five other free spin games can be triggered by getting enough scatter symbols. 

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus – Microgaming

Another Microgaming creation, this slot also offers the standard 5 reels and 10 pay lines that many other slots offer. However, that is the only thing standard about this game, particularly in terms of the visual animation throughout. 

Set with a view of Mount Olympus, this slot features stone-carved symbols that are intricately designed and look fantastic. These look even better against the floating clouds in the background and are offset nicely by the calming music. That is until the thunder starts. 

Flashes of lightning and even animations of Zeus himself coming across will teach you what’s about to happen. These things include the game’s multipliers kicking in to increase your win or getting enough scatters to trigger the incredible free spin bonus. This bonus takes place on Mount Olympus and is a true visual treat. 


There are many slots out there that look fantastic. However, some (like those above) are just a cut above the rest. These take graphic design and animation to a new level and truly make their respective slots special. 

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