Top five best comic-themed slot games

Does anyone remember the first one-armed bandit? Since that game development, we’ve had fascinating slot games on the web. There are more than a few with great visuals and audio to complement their storylines. The idea behind them is to recreate the fun moment of reading or watching comic-related stories.

With the number of comic-themed slot games today, it might be difficult to select the best from the majority. We’d help you with some famous ones with lots of gaming popularity. These should point you toward where to put your money while having loads of fun.

Here are our five comic-themed online slots to help you win more from casinos.

Jack Hammer by NetEnt

Could anyone ever list their best comic themed slots without mentioning Jack Hammer? This superhero slot is based on the evergreen comic book that every kid fell in love with. It’s funny how the images of characters from the comic book are still imprinted on the hearts of many. As the neighborhood vigilante and lead character, Jack gets furious about crime in his society. He’d be a good fit for today’s suicide squad cast.

The graphics design on the slot machines is just as real as that of the comic book. You’d get 23 paylines and 15 reels when playing this popular superhero-themed slot. There’s a higher chance of getting massive payouts with its 97per cent RTP. We love the sync between the hero and the evil character, Dr. Wüten. Playing gets easier with features like multipliers, free spins, and other things in this casino game. It’s fun, especially when you have enough coins to keep going.

Superman the Movie Slot by Playtech

Never thought it was possible to stay glued to a slot machine all day? You probably haven’t tried this among other super-hero slot games. In the movie, we loved how the main character, Superman displayed the exciting and unbelievable act of flying. The game followed the storyline of the popular fictional comics written by Jerry Siegel. It’s nothing compared to the movie’s intriguing scenes, but it guarantees a lovely gaming experience.

This is one of the few comic-themed slot games played by many. It has recently become available to play this fantastic slot not only on the desktop, but also on any of your Android devices. In case you’ve been looking for a chance like that, it’s best to look through the mobile casino reviews and find the most trusted Android casino Australia to win real cash with the help of your phone or tablet. Betting with your android phone allows you to access added promotions, including free spins and power symbols to play the Superman-the-Movie. Get ready for an amazing gaming experience while playing Jerry Siegel’s special.

Justice League by Playtech

DC comics stories just have a way of engaging their fans with the incredible storylines they create. This is from the game adaptation written in “The Brave and the Bold.” Not many DC comics lovers might be familiar with this popular book series from 1970. This Justice league slot machine features symbols representing all the movie characters. We have Green Lantern, Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder woman, and so on.

Here’s one of the best comic themed slot games with 96.3per cent RTP, exciting bonus features, and free goodies. Players get a whooping 40 paylines to navigate through the 5-reel game. Like other DC comic themed slots, this game also has the feel of playing progressive jackpots. There are many exciting jackpot features, including the major, mini, and minor. All the superheroes from the movies are well-represented while attracting bonuses.

Tomb Raider (Lara Croft) by Microgaming

Another one of the brilliant comic slot games from the incredible gaming creator, Microgaming. Here’s one slot game with a fascinating story where the lead character, Lara Croft, embarked on the quest to search for idols. Quite creepy, right? Trust me, you’d love every bit of this game. Tomb Raider is one of the few comic themed games with multiple options to get massive winnings. The game allows players to find specific idols with chances to win up to 2500 points.

The superhero, Lara, uncovers more idols than anyone probably would in the history of mankind. It’s one of the famous 5-reel slots with multiple chances of winning big. Every comic slot online casino lists Tomb Raider as one of the most-played games. There are 15 paylines with scatters and wilds representing the Tomb Raider symbol. The players, who love this game, might enjoy special opportunities like low-risk gambling or promotions because it’s available on 10 euro deposit bonus casino along with many other exciting games. The slots lovers find this chance fantastic due to minimum investment for a thrilling gameplay.

Suicide Squad by Playtech

Most comic game aficionados find the Suicide Squad one of the most entertaining slots to play. The game is fun, simple, and intuitive. Its mobile compatibility across all devices enables players to play at any time of the day. The 2017 blockbuster film finds its way to becoming one of the top comic slots available. It’s a 5-reel slot with 50 paylines designed for maximum entertainment. Players love the multi-level jackpot options.

This slot comics game allows you to win up to $200,000 every time you place a stake. A few lineups like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and The Joker come close to the suicide squad. The wild symbol comes with free wagering benefits found in any online slot comic game. If you get a few basic symbol combos in one round, you could land great winning results.


These games portray key qualities from the comics book and films from which they originated. Every character has at least one symbol dedicated to it on the slot board. Playing these games on the internet is as synonymous as reading one of the books on your mobile. Each payline is a perfect representation of a chapter or scene from the comics. These stories have been brought back to life for slot lovers to have more entertaining moments.

Today, most gambling developers have comic-themed slots for folks who love making money and having fun while at it. We guarantee fun-thrilling gambling moments with the above-listed slots. Most of them also support a demo feature, which enables you to practice your strategies before betting. They all have amazing sounds, awesome gameplay, and a high-resolution display.


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