These games are free through Amazon Prime on Wednesday

Prime day presents itself as a great treat for gaming subscribers, as it’s the day where games can be trialled for free with no strings attached. Until 13 July, prime day entails multiple offers with most prices slashed, and you are able to enjoy the best out of the offers-including freebies. With fantasy fanatics wanting to move on to their next game series, why not look into the games we have listed below, and use it as the perfect opportunity to game and live a little? 

Understanding that many gamers are not necessarily PC gamers, some are slot gamers looking for their next slot game based on movie franchises like Avengers and so on, we also have good news for you. Here are some of the best slot sites on the market now. Best thing of all is these sites actually provide gamblers with cool promotions too. So, it isn’t just prime day that matters for getting you cool freebies and promotions then, right?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The first game to add to your list for Prime day, this game is a night and day difference to the original released back in 2007. With the game itself, characters, and general animations re-designed and altered, the game is believed to contribute to over 30 hours of gameplay. Revisiting this RPG may seem bizarre, especially with the differential

It will feel a little bit like a dream getting into it, but we promise you it is so worth it. With the scientific fictional universe, you may find the scenes refreshing, but also a great visit for those who haven’t played the original and perhaps best science fiction game of the times. So, why not?

Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast

The next game on the list is none other than the Star Wars series instalment. After 17 years since the first and original release, this game brings back all the good memories, nostalgia, and mechanics that Star Wars fanatics love. While the game has been debated to be not so good looking, in comparison to its predecessors, it still plays well. The dark forces that stand in your way within the game are the same as other plots, but you will be

acquainted with new characters in galaxies far, far, away. So, if you haven’t already looked into the game series, you really should use this as an opportunity to do so.  

8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure

Next one on our list, is an adventure that is highly influenced by Korean folklore and tales of the past. This game sees Arum, the brave warrior who has entered the afterlife with hopes of saving her father’s soul from eternal purgatory. The mysteries that unfold as you play are definitely visually stimulating, despite the dark colour schemes, the art is beautifully woven together for the graphics of the game. As simple as the game genre is, it is certainly worth the ride, and is unique in its own right.

The Crow’s Eye

Last but not least, within our games to play this Prime day, Crow’s Eye is another magical and mysterious game walk through. You will test your intellectual mystery solving skills, as you walk through an abandoned school. Through the adventure of it all, you will be tested against challenges, puzzles and practically the will of survival itself. As scary and desolate as it would seem, you need to escape the fate of the macabre human experiment, so do it, and do it you shall. 

 While the graphics do seem a little bit old school, the style does make you reminisce of older games from back in the day (think PS1 game walkthroughs). Nevertheless, it is worth trying it for free!

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