Nodding Heads Games discusses wonders of AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU

Built by Indian game studio Nodding Heads Games on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Raji: An Ancient Epic ranked as one of the finalists in the ‘Best Debut Game’ category at The Game Awards 2020, and is the first PC and console game created by an indie gaming studio in India.

Making breakthroughs in the gaming development space requires a blend of creativity, software expertise and strategic deployment of cutting-edge hardware that meets the need for speed. The Pune-based game studio made use of AMD products which promised to catalyse workflow performance, bringing the grand vision to life.

“We at Nodding Heads Games have been using the AMD Threadripper with Unreal Engine for our upcoming Enhanced Edition update of Raji: An Ancient Epic. AMD Ryzen Threadripper has done lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to rendering and light baking,” says the team.

Nodding Heads Studio uses Unreal Engine 4; which is one of the most sought-after engines in the visual entertainment ecosystem. Unreal Engine has more than 11 million licensees and is seeing a rapid adoption into industries beyond gaming, including media and entertainment, live events, automotive, architecture, healthcare, and simulation.

From easing the workflow to solving complex tasks to achieving faster speeds and the ability to multitask, Nodding Heads Games studio discuss at length myriad benefits of having AMD Threadripper. Watch the episode to know more about what they have to say regarding their AMD experience.