The future of mobile gaming advertising

The world of gaming has changed over the years. In the past, you may have only been able to play games on your computer or gaming consoles. But nowadays, you’ll find that you’ll be able to play mobile games on your phone. 

Many advertisers have used mobile gaming as a way to appeal to gamers. That way, they can target the best audience for their brand. 

So, the question is, how is the future of mobile gaming advertising going to change? That’s what we are going to talk about below. 

The interest in AAA mobile gaming 

With the success of Genshin Impact, it’s not surprising that most gamers are interested in games that have excellent graphics, voice acting, plot and music. Within the first month of release, Genshin Impact was actually downloaded 15 million times, collecting more than $150 million in its revenue earnings. That’s why it’s very likely we are going to see mobile games go down a similar route, especially in terms of advertising.

Advertising for an AAA mobile game comes with many benefits. Not only are the visuals striking enough to pull the attention of any viewer, but the game puts a lot of effort into its storylines and unique character design. This means that when new advertisements are made for advertising platforms, like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, they can target the right audience and appeal to them with different types of entertainment. 

Due to the beauty of this game, and the effort that has been put into it, it’s not surprising that its mobile game advertising has been successful. Therefore, it’s very likely that many mobile games, and their advertisements, are going to follow a similar pathway in the future.

Advertisement rewards

Whether you go to SuperScale to increase your own mobile game’s visibility or you think of your own creative mobile gaming advertisements to stand out, it’s more likely that you will grow your market if you create rewarded video formats. It’s been estimated that Gen Z viewers will only watch an advertisement for around 10 seconds. So, it’s more likely that they will watch a mobile gaming advertisement if it is short or you offer a reward at the end of it.

Take the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game. Players could watch advertisements in return for renewed energy points. Therefore, they are more inclined to watch them during their gaming experience. Just keep in mind that you need to keep your advertisements short so that they do not become invasive. Saying that, it’s very likely that we are going to see a rise in these types of advertisements in the future, even ones about crypto rewards or branded NFTs or character skins. 

Virtual Reality Advertising

One of the best mobile games to show the power of virtual reality is Pokémon GO. There is something truly unique about blending a virtual reality game with the real world. Not only can it make the user feel more immersed, but you will find that it can inspire people to go outside their homes to try it.

If you are thinking about trying out virtual reality in your mobile gaming advertising, try to use it to bring something of value to the players. For Pokémon GO, this was collecting Pokémon, aka. trophies, to show off to friends. However, it could be something else, like a virtual treasure hunt or a filter on a social media platform.

Casual Gameplay

Not all mobile games need to be plot-heavy or focused on storylines and lore. Instead, the future is paving a way for casual gamers to simply have a game on their phone to enjoy. Sometimes, gamers just want to have a game on their phone that they can pull out to play whenever they want. That’s why mobile gaming advertising is focused on showing the simplicity of their games, basically demonstrating that the game is not that difficult at the very start. This has led to more advertisers making quirky videos to show that the game is worth downloading.

Are you ready to make your own mobile gaming advertisement? 

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of different mobile gaming advertisements that are available on various platforms. The future is brimming with possibilities for this type of advertising. So, if you are thinking about making your own, you must make sure it is unique. Think outside of the box and you will find that your mobile gaming advertisement will stand out and make an impact on its target audience. 

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