The Esports Club concludes LG Ultragear TEC Invitational for ‘Valorant’ with Rs 9 lakhs prize pool

The Esports Club has announced the conclusion of the LG Ultragear TEC Invitational powered by HyperX, their latest Valorant esports campaign. The event was one of the most successful Valorant esports events in the region setting peak viewership records across the three month campaign.

The Esports Club had joined hands with LG Ultragear and HyperX to run three Valorant Invitational events in January, February and March. Each event played host to eight  invited teams competing for a prize pool of Rs 3 Lakhs every single month.

Global Esports won the first two editions of the TEC Invitational, and Team Mahi, the top seeded team in India, won the third edition. Underdog teams like Enigma Gaming and Samurai Esports utilised this opportunity to establish visibility and credibility  in the ecosystem with glimpses of greatness on their journey throughout the event. Enigma Gaming in particular won hearts all over as they managed to beat reigning champions Global Esports to secure their first ever spot in a tournament final. 

 The Esports Club co founder Ishaan Arya; “ We couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2021 with such a fantastic response from our teams and fans. The TEC Invitational is just the first step in what we have planned for 2021 and we will be announcing some game changing campaigns for Valorant in the next few weeks”. 

Overall, the campaign broke records with a massive 11.5 K concurrent viewers for the finals. Combined, the three editions of the LG Ultragear TEC Invitational received an exceptional viewership of over 4.5 Million views on YouTube.

The Esports Club director of esports Mansoor ‘Nabu’ Ahmed; “ It’s great to see the level of play going up with each passing event. Teams are doing their homework, putting in the hard work and really pushing some of these seeded teams to the limit on a regular basis! This is an extremely positive sign for the future of Valorant Esports in India.  ”.