‘The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge’ to launch on Xbox consoles and PC on 20 May

The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge surfing simulation is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam on 20 May.

The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge is a realistic 3D surfing simulation with 12 increasingly difficult levels and a two player customisable contest option. Start with the tutorial level in slow motion, and a choice of five surfer characters and a bodyboarder.

Play The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge in a one player mode getting through the levels or as a two player game with timed and scored contests. Surf to complete each challenge which may include, a required minimum wave score, or ride time. 

The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge has a simplified Demo available for players to enjoy a snippet of the game.

The developer of The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge will be attending Seattle’s Pocket Gamer Connects at the Big Indie Zone on 9 to 10 May and will be open to live interviews.