The difference between free spins in games and free spins in bonuses and promotions

Here we also get to the point where we will explain the difference between what free spins tivit casino means and free rounds within slot games. If you played different slots with special symbols and managed to trigger a winning combination consisting of three, four or five Scatter symbols you received a certain number of Free Spins. The principle of the game is the same – you do not have to use your money when betting, but you are given the opportunity to bet with the money of the casino or the game.

Analyze the conditions of the spins all the time – it is very important to get the maximum benefit from the free spins offer. It often happens that a free spins offer is no longer so advantageous, even if it gives you 100 free spins. The cause is only one-running conditions that are not at all user-friendly. The time frame in which the promotion must be activated – certain offers can only be activated in a single day (for example, at Vlad casino you receive 10 free spins without a deposit only on Sundays), in other cases, the free spins offer must fall within a specified time frame (also called Happy Hours, for example, Monday evening, between 22-00 hours).

Games where free rounds can be used – there are cases where the offer is limited to a single game, but also situations where the promotion extends to several games (for example, for Pragmatic Play slots you receive free spins in the tournament organized by various casinos). To which customer categories the offer is addressed – some free spins are only valid for newly registered players (such as those in the welcome package) and other free spins are only for already registered customers.

Offer validity period-generally, free spins are valid for a limited period, between 24 and 72 hours (for activation), and conditions must be met for the roll within a period of up to seven days (for those free spins without deposit) or longer (for the free spins offer upon deposit, depending on the casino). How many times the amount won must be rolled – the player must roll the amount won from using these free rounds in order to be able to withdraw the win. To see what the exact value is, it is necessary to consult the terms and conditions of the respective promotion or those of the bonuses. Often the casino imposes different roll requirements for regular bonuses compared to those with free spins.

The amount that can be won – unfortunately, the winnings that can be earned with such a no Deposit bonus are limited, whether it is online casino no deposit free spins or with a deposit. Of course, in the case of bonuses, the amount of the win with free spins is much lower (the exception is the promotion with 30 Free Spins without Netbet deposit, where the win is limited to 1000 Euro). The amount to be wagered with this bonus-in the case of the free spins offer, the amount of the bet is small (between 2.5 Euro – 5 Euro), while in other free spins, the amount may be higher (up to 25 Euro, depending on the casino). Exceeding these limits results in the loss or non-consideration of the additional gain.