‘The Blockchain Gaming Summit 2022’ brought together stalwarts of the Indian web3 and gaming ecosystem in its maiden edition

 B2B Game Developer Conference, India Game Developers Conference (IGDC) has maiden edition of The Blockchain Gaming Summit 2022, held in Bangalore at ITC Gardenia. With the ever-expanding blockchain, web 3.0 and metaverse concepts in India, The Blockchain Gaming Summit brewed conversations among industry stalwarts, speakers, and the attendees. The conference saw a footfall of close to 600 gaming, crypto and web3 tech enthusiasts.

The Blockchain Gaming Summit saw the best of Indian and International minds in the blockchain and web3 sector network, and share their experiences, expectations, and predictions for the future through an intersperse of keynotes, town halls, panel discussions and networking sessions. The discussions revolved around topics that shed light and key insights on web3 games and NFTs, postmortem of successful web3 games, how one can take the lunge from web2 to web3, Pros and Cons of different Blockchains and exchanges, Checklists on launching blockchain games, Tokenamics Design and Community building, Compliance and Regulations.

Key conversations highlighted the importance of web2 in transitioning to web3 and the role of consumers as contributors and owners within the web3. With a myriad of opportunities lined up for the younger generations, the scope of growth and monetization was said to be at an all-time high. The tight knit web3 ecosystem in India is reported to be thriving and the focus is largely on decentralizing the system for engagement and participation within communities. The sessions also showcased the rise of blockchain gaming, the processes, and its inevitable presence in the mainstream sectors.

With games being an integral part of the web3 environment, the panel discussion covered topics and showcased the need for simplifying the play-to-earn games, while encouraging developers to focus on the development and building the game over the final yield. Amid buzz around NFTs, discussion surrounding the topic emphasized the need for the economy to be more transparent as art, games and various other elements come into the tokenization of assets. As the concept is gaining enormous momentum across communities, the regulations and participation have said to be seeing a rapid rise. 

The Blockchain Gaming Summit 2022 was supported by some of India’s best in the field with Tegro is the Presenting Sponsor of the event. The Gold Sponsors are Tezos India, Polygon Studios, Solana, EnjinStarter, Web3Auth, and IndiGG.

The speakers included  WazirX and Tegro co-founder Siddharth Menon, Tegro and SuperGaming co-founder Roby John, Nazara Technologies CEO Manish Agarwal, Immutable VP of studio engineering Aakash Mandhar, Tezos India president Om Malviya, Venly.io metaverse partnerships director Stefan Collins, Honeywood.ai founder-CEO Roman Chizhikov, CoinDCX VP – business and strategic alliances Siddhartha Gupta, Enjinstarter CEO and co-founder Prakash Somosundram, and Ncore Games CEO Dayanidhi among others.

Sharing the excitement about the concluded conference, IGDC council member Sridhar Muppidi said, “The opportunity presented by Web 3 gaming is immense, and we’re just beginning to tap into it. The Free to Play gaming space has been generating over $100 billion a year in revenue, and Web 3 gaming certainly has the potential to become as big. Just as importantly, India has a massive product and game design skill set, and we have every reason to believe that this talent pool will build amazing and sustainable web three economies baked into games that have high entertainment value.”

“It’s been incredible ever since the organisers contacted us and discussed their ambitions for a conference in the web three, blockchain gaming sector. We leaped at the chance. I’ve been involved with IGDC for 14 years now and have attended every Game Developer’s Conference during this time. We saw this as the ideal chance to expand on what we were already doing. As you know, the emergence of web3 is the biggest potential that India has today. India is habituated to follow other’s footsteps. We have always followed and lagged behind the rest of the world when it comes to game development, new technology, and so on. Now that this conference is being organised on such a massive scale, we communicated our belief that we can be world leaders in web three, blockchain gaming. When we created Tegro, we wanted to lead the world in creating sustainable games, particularly in the web3 economy. That is the long-term goal that we are striving towards,” remarked SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Roby John.

Over the years, IGDC has played a key role in developing the Indian Gaming ecosystem by acting as a conduit for the industry by getting industry leaders to meet, interact and share their knowledge with upcoming studios, developers, and others in the Indian Gaming ecosystem.