STAN inks NFT partnerships with ‘FreeFire’ creators, rolls-out NFT waitlist for its users

STAN has announced that it is entering into exclusive NFT partnerships with several popular FreeFire creators in India such as PVS Gaming, ROCKY & RDX, MADHU PENNEM GAMING, Assassins ARMY, Black Flag Army, Gaming with Laila, TSG Legend and NON STOP ARMY, among others. All of these individual creators of the FreeFire game are immensely well-known amongst the fans’ community, and as of today, they have acquired a collective follower and subscriber base of over 2.4 crores on Instagram and YouTube.

Following these strategic NFT partnerships, STAN will be minting and introducing on their flagship platform (app), in the months to come, the exclusive NFTs of all their creators; and additionally, they will be also enabling fans to get a range of exclusive perks by owning the same NFTs. The startup has planned to launch all the NFTs of all their creators including the mentioned above, starting from the last week of August 2022 onwards.

However, prior to the creators’ NFT drops and the NFT sales going live, STAN has currently rolled out a one-of-its-kind in-app NFT waitlist for its users, with the objective of providing the creators’ fans an early opportunity to own their NFTs, even before they are launched! By registering themselves for the NFT waitlist in-app and thus joining the waitlist, STAN users have the opportunity to get access to various perks such as early-access to the purchase NFTs and collectibles of favourite creators, discounted sale on NFTs and collectibles, winning free NFTs and collectibles, and so on.

Speaking on the initiative, STAN co-founder and COO Nauman Mulla says, “We at STAN are delighted and glad to collaborate with some of the leading names in the FreeFire creators’ ecosystem, with the aim to launch their NFTs on our app and thereby enable seamless fan engagement for them over the long-term. Some of the perks for the fans that may come with owning NFTs include Instagram shout-outs and live sessions, creator’s guild access, talk shows with the creators, play a match ,and real-life meetups, among others.  We strongly believe this will go a long way bolstering STAN’s mission of empowering fans and bringing them closer to their favourite creators by using NFTs and other types of digital assets.”

Notably, STAN is a platform that allows fans to get a chance to collect, play and trade the collectibles/NFTs of their favourite esports players and content creators, via which they will win various perks and rewards. Besides FreeFire creators, STAN has also already inked NFT-related partnerships with multiple leading Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) creators of our country.

To be a part of the NFT waitlist, users can follow these steps as mentioned below:

▪ Download the STAN application from the Google Play Store 

▪ After signing up, click on the banner inside the app named “JOIN THE WAITLIST”

▪Select your favourite creators

▪Join the Waitlist

▪To improve their rank on the waitlist, users can also recommend their friends/family members/acquaintances to join onto the waitlist. (Ranking up on the waitlist will increase your chances of getting free NFTs).

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