EDGE by Pearl Academy is now an UNREAL authorised centre

EDGE, by Pearl Academy, is now an authorised training centre for Unreal Engine, the real-time 3D engine available for creating immersive experiences. It has been used to produce well-known games like PUBG as well as the Star Wars Mandalorian series. 

Speaking about the Unreal authorised center EDGE, president Dr. Nalin Mehta said, “India is poised to become a major global centre for gaming and visual effects. We are seeing a convergence of the gaming, film and animation industries and there is a huge demand for top-class talent. We are very proud to be an Unreal authorized training centre and EDGE is committed to providing the best global skills that the industry needs.”

EDGE also offers three=month Bootcamp courses in computer graphics, Unreal Engine, and motion graphics.

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