Team Vitality India training facility revealed

Team Vitality, has finally revealed its India training facility. Incorporating the best of French design DNA and Indian architecture – the massive three-story training facility provides esports athletes and content creators a space to game, train, stream, and reside.

Starting from the ground floor, the India Training Facility has a leisure area for athletes with video game consoles, foosball table and a table tennis table. It also has a lounge area overlooked by a colossal picture of ZYWOO – Team Vitality’s iconic CS:GO athlete, and a massive inspiration to the CODM team. 

Connected half-way across the hall are the Training Facility’s four streaming booths that are stylish and functional. Complete with soundproofing and a merchandise shelf, each streaming booth comes with a custom Vitality-branded AMD gaming PC and Corsair+Elgato peripherals.

The third floor however is the biggest highlight of the Training Facility with the War room, which is the scrims and tournament area for Team Vitality’s athletes. A part of the War Room is the gameplay analysis area where the coach and analyst run the team through various plays as well as analyse their performance for constructive feedback.

The India Training Facility, resides not just the team, but also the coach, manager, and support staff. The facility gets daily visits from the team’s physical trainer, yoga instructor and also the wellness coach – to ensure peak physical and mental health from the athletes.