Tamasha Live is now available on the Google Play Store

 Tamasha Live is now available on the Google Play store. The platform serves as a lucrative avenue for micro and nano influencers from tier two and three cities to host live social games among their micro-communities and instantly monetise their engagement. Since its inception two years ago, Tamasha Live has grown exponentially and now makes its foray into Google Play Store.  

The innovative online gaming platform hosts five different games in the English language, both in live audio and video formats. More than seven prominent developers are currently associated with the platform, generating income by publishing games and giving access to the robust community base. In short, Tamasha Live offers a sustainable monetisation medium to the content creators as well as the influencers to publish games and monetise them.

Tamasha Live co-founder and CEO Saurabh Gupta said, “We are excited to announce that we are now available on Google Playstore. Ever since we launched the platform in 2020, the growth has been significant. We already have an extensive user base and we owe all the success to our hard-working team as well as our loyal user base who have supported us in our journey.”

Sharing about the future plans, Gupta added, “Not only do we plan to bring some innovative monetisation tools for the creators but we also aim to add 25 million+ monthly active users by end of this year. Our team is building various games that are aligned with Indian audience needs and likings to attract more communities along with introducing various new-age community games.”

Tamasha Live co-founder and chief product officer Siddharth Swarnkar said, “We are thrilled to have witnessed exponential growth in such a short span of time. With the world moving towards the metaverse, we at Tamasha are aiming to build a one-of-a-kind platform for gaming community engagement through Tambola (Housie), Ludo, Chidiya Udd, and many more fun games over live audio rooms. We are focusing on giving users access to exceptional gaming experiences, allowing them to socialise with their fellow players, monetise and bring a new dimension to engagement, albeit digitally.”

The users have created various clubs on the platform that are similar to online hangout zones. This enables users to socialise and interact with one another, connect over common interests, and engage in meaningful conversations. Today, the platform houses more than 4000 such clubs along with 3000 plus creators who have successfully built their communities on the platform. Tamasha Live is a unique amalgamation of community, engagement and transaction layer in the truest sense, which blends all these elements perfectly yet naturally.