‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ to bring Splatoon characters and Doom Slayer as Mii fighters

Nintendo has announced that Splatoon characters and – surprise! – the Doom Slayer will be integrated in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Mii Fighters. 

In today’s Mr. Sakurai Presents, it was disclosed that the Splatoon Octoling and Judd will be made available as Mii Fighters. The line-up for Nintendo is in-house largely.

The new stage that will be entail with the Kingdom Hearts lead will be “Hollow Bastion” which will transition into the iconic “Dive to the Heart” location that appears throughout the series. While in the world inside the heart, the stained-glass window in the background will display a variety of characters from the series, including Sora, Riku, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. The music that will be included nine music tracks from the series. The songs included are “Night of Fate,” “Destiny’s Force,” “Shrouding Dark Cloud,” “Hand in Hand,” “Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-,” “Hollow Bastion,” “Scherzo Di Notte,” “Fragments of Sorrow,” and “Destati.” Sora will include both English and Japanese voiceovers and will have a unique victory screen that emulates the ending of battle encounters from the series.

Sora is the 12 DLC fighter added to the game, being a part of the second Fighters Pass that was announced with the final character of the original Fighters Pass, Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, back in January of 2020.

This sums up the total roster size of the game to a whopping 89 total characters. The Fighter Pass 2 also includes Min-Min from Arms, Steve/Alex from Minecraft, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade, and Kazuya Mishima from Tekken. Also included with the character announcement was the latest rounds of Mii Fighter costumes which include Judd and Octoling from Splatoon and the Doomslayer from the Doom series.

Sora is shared for release in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on 18 October along with the announced Mii Fighter costumes. It will cost $5.99 USD as a standalone and will be part of Fighters’ Pass Volume 2. 

The three new Mii Fighters will be available from 18 October 2021, priced at $0.75 each.