Street Lamp Games CEO and founder Deepak Gurijala shares about Hyderabad’s gaming accelerator program ‘Crazyhubs’

The pandemic led lockdown and work from home culture has helped the gaming sector to reach sky high. Infact, the Indian gaming industry has contributed greater than other peripheries of the M&E sector. Due to the growing number of users, the demand for new games has also been burgeoning, and because of which a lot of brands along with a lot of individuals have shown interest to pursue gaming as a career.  

Discovering the rising demand to pursue gaming as a profession, recently Israil game publisher CrazyLabs has partnered with Hyderabad based gaming studio Street Lamp Games to begin with a gaming accelerator program, Crazyhubs.

In conversation with AnimationXpress, Street Lamp Games CEO and founder Deepak Gurijala said, “We at Street Lamp Games are collaborating with CrazyLabs to start CrazyHubs Hyderabad, further to the success of CrazyHubs around the world, including Mumbai, India. This is an initiation to fund and teach everything there is to know about hyper-casual games and publish #1 hit games. CrazyHubs is for final year students, graduates, indie game developers and even casual game developers looking to get into the hyper-casual games industry. The mentorship plan and our curriculum will help the candidates to get the right knowledge on making hyper casual games.”

Speaking of the association, Gurijala pointed out how despite being the world’s top three hyper casual game publishers, CrazyLabs showed trust towards their studio and provided flexibility and freedom to studios which makes them unique in the market.

The game accelerator program will provide necessary insights on game development, market trends, data and monetisation. This guidance from the industry experts will help them get a better view on polishing a game and better understanding of Game mechanics. Post completion of the program, candidates will receive a diploma certificate from CrazyLabs. With the program they will provide the individuals net revenue share on the games released on Global Market. They will also provide funds on a monthly basis for each person along with a dedicated free work space, one time relocation fee for the candidates coming from other states.

Gurijala also shared insights on how there are a lot of talented individuals in India but they lack the exposure. He said, There are a lot of talented individuals in India but most of them might not know how metric data affects the future of a game. Even they might not know whether to release the game in the market with the support of a publisher or not. Few might require a job and few want to start their own startup, they might not know the pros and cons associated with making a Game and releasing a Game. If these individuals get the right exposure, they can change the phase of the Indian Gaming system.”

This type of accelerator program helps individuals to understand the market situation, a clear perspective on how much a game can earn. “They’ll gradually learn what type of games will make a Hit/ Flop. They’ll understand the risks associated while developing and releasing a Game,” he added.

To participate one needs to register from CrazyHubs Hyderabad official website. They will be selecting around six teams for the Hub, each team should have two to three members with a minimum of one unity developer. The individuals will be given home assignments, and based on that, the candidates for the program will be selected. The
the program will commence from  November 2021 and will run for four full months, with an option for an extension of additional two months.