Sky Esports 2021 Q1 schedule seems to be packed with tournaments

Sky Esports has planned its roster with a bunch of tournaments on various titles for the Q1 of 2021.

First up is Sky Esports Gaming series which includes titles like Brawl Star and Clash of Clans with a total prize pool of Rs 8,00,000. Sky Esports has partnered with GoLive Games as platform partner and Zoink as Lifestyle partners. The timeline of the event is yet to be announced by them however it is expected to come soon as Sky Esports took to social media to announce the tournament. This is what its official tweet says.

Secondly, Sky Esports is also hosting its World Cricket Championship 3 with a prize pool  of Rs 2,00,000. Sky Esports took to social media to announce the tournament and as per their official post, the registration process for the tournament will commence soon.

Earlier Sky Esports had rolled out a teaser for the sequel of their popular Valorant series named Sky Esports Valorant League. The 2021 edition is all set to roll from 9 April 2021 as per their Instagram teaser. Not just that, to add more flavour to Sky EsportsValorant League 2021, they are inviting all the cosplayers to showcase their favourite Valorant agents. As per our conversation with Sky Esports founder Shiva Nandy, they are going to add the LAN feature, with the finale set to be held ‘offline’. Valorant has so far not had a LAN finale in India, owing to the fact that the game was released amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2021, Sky Esports also hosted Sky Esports Gaming Series V with titles like Brawl Star and Clash of Clans but the prizepool was Rs 1,00,000. Recently for ESPL, Valorant Power Up Sky Esports was the broadcasting partner and had streamed the entire tournament on their official channel in Hindi, English and Tamil. Sky Esports’ official Youtube channel, which usually streams all the esports tournaments that are hosted or partnered with, has garnered 100K followers.