Roulette: Seven reasons why it never goes out of style

There are different stories about how and when roulette originated, but the most common one dates back to 1655. In that year the French mathematician Blaise Pascal is said to have invented the wheel! Pascal spent a lot of time in monasteries in the French capital Paris and invented a game to fight boredom. The assumption is that the game originated from a deck of cards. That can be explained in itself because although roulette uses a wheel, it does work with numbers. Precisely because of the fascinating aspect of the wheel, the casino started to gain more and more popularity in the 18th century. The fact that the casino, and in this case, roulette have become so popular has everything to do with simplicity.

European roulette

Playing online roulette will in most cases involve playing European Roulette, which in short means playing with a single ‘0’. And that is beneficial for the player. The house edge here is only 2.7%, which is on the low side for an online casino game. It is therefore not surprising that online roulette is so popular in online casinos. The rest of the online game does not differ much from the popular table game that you know from the land-based casino. What is your goal? To predict where the ball will fall.

European roulette is popular in the UK, just like in Spain, France, the Netherlands and actually most countries in Europe. Just go to any casino in Europe and you will see that there are always people at the roulette table. Online, this also applies to all online roulette games that can be played, just as the live roulette productions have given the table game a completely new dimension.

The second most popular casino game

Roulette is one of the most popular games in a casino, sometimes even number 2, after the slots — which, despite the different types of machines — I’ll just put it under one denominator for the sake of convenience. Games like poker are of course also very popular, just like baccarat is played by more and more players, but those are more games that have their ups and downs. With roulette, I am talking about a casino game that has always been popular. The unprecedented popularity of roulette is due to several factors, but I have listed what I believe to be the 7 most important reasons for you.  

  • Easy to learn

It doesn’t take any special skills or maths skills to play roulette. Yes, you may decide to adopt some roulette money management strategies, but that’s about it. The advantage of roulette is that you can just play it while enjoying a nice conversation and a drink and without too much thought you can place a bet on simple elements such as red or black, even or odd, or a high or a low number. You only need to know a few rules and that makes the roulette game very relaxed, it requires a little prior knowledge only. 

  • The glamour

The details in the design of this casino game set this game apart from all the others you will find in the casino. There is of course the beautiful wheel (I will also discuss it separately with you below) with red and black colours, you are standing at a long, green velvet table, and the characteristic sound you hear when the ball falls. Well, as far as I’m concerned, roulette really has a special position in any casino. Add to that the game guidance of hopefully just as a stylish croupier and you understand why roulette is so alluring. And the high rollers? They in turn bring the tension to a new high when they make their bet.

  • The social factor

Roulette is a very social game. Do you and your friend want to bet on the same colour or number at the table? Then you don’t hinder each other, because it’s just possible for both of you! Together you now go for the prizes and that makes it even more fun. While some games require silence and extreme concentration, you will often hear a lot of cheers, laughter and screams at the roulette table. You play roulette together, not against each other!

  • Together against the house

Together against the house that is, and not against other players, which is why several players can also bet on the same number. That makes it a bit more relaxed at the table, because you play with your fellow players, not against them. That nice man or woman standing next to you is a fellow player and not a competitor, and that immediately makes the game a lot more relaxed. Besides, you probably want nothing more than to beat the house together. 

  • Huge Payouts

If your bet succeeds, you can win big prizes, at least if you have made a nice bet. Does the ball land on the number you bet on? Then you win no less than 35 times your bet. That’s quite something. With a good bet on red or black, that is significantly lower (1 times your bet), but your chances of winning are also a lot higher there. Nevertheless, you can make big profits at roulette which explains all the cheering at the table.

  • Roulette is also becoming more interactive online

Roulette is also very entertaining in the online casino. Just about every online casino has its set of roulette games and most casinos also have a collection of live roulette games. Thanks to game creators such as Evolution Gaming, you are put in direct contact via a live camera connection with a physical casino hall where a real dealer presents the game. That immediately makes the roulette game a lot more interactive and realistic. 

  • Roulette is available online for free!

Do you not immediately want to spin the wheel, but first become familiar with the ins and outs of online roulette? Then you can start with demo versions of the online roulette. With these games, you can play completely for free without any commitment. The advantage is that you can, for example, test a roulette system before you make a deposit and play for real money.

Have you, at some point, made such progress that you know exactly what to do? At least until then, you have been able to practice for free. Keep in mind that free roulette games are available in the online casino. After all, in the live casino, you join a live gaming table and you are expected to make a bet. You can also take a look at the live table for an impression.