‘PUBGM: New State’ crosses 5 million pre-registration milestone

 PUBG New State has  surpassed over five million download milestone on the Google Play Store worldwide except for India. The addition in the PUBG series was announced on 25 February. The pre-registration for the New State is still going on. If you haven’t pre-registered yourself, navigate to the Google Play Store and click on ‘pre-register’.

iOS users will have to wait for their turn as their pre-order will begin later. PUBG Mobile is still banned in India so the country have to wait for it although Krafton spokesperson have hinted it will launch soon in India. PUBG: New State took to Twitter to inform users of this amazing feat and expressed their gratitude towards the players.

PUBG: New State adds several brand-new features that evolve the genre. With a new in-game weapon customisation feature, players can make various weapons their own by obtaining customisation kits. These kits will transform weapons in different ways, such as performance enhancements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments.

Players can also enjoy a variety of other new features, including combat rolls, drones, and a futuristic ballistic shield, among other things. Finally, players will also be able to take to the road and explore massive 8×8 open worlds with a variety of new vehicles. Set in the near future of 2051, years have passed since the original game. Within this backdrop, players will be dropping into a brand-new battleground called TROI, where they will have the opportunity to discover how the universe has evolved. Filled with various landmarks that have their own distinct characteristics, players will be able to explore a unique environment that features interactable objects, helping them come up with new ways and strategies to dominate the competition.