‘PUBG Mobile’ like multiplayer BR Indian game ‘Sico’ reveals its map

In India, post the ban of PUBG Mobile, many players are trying to find its alternative because of which FreeFire and Call of Duty Mobile became favourites of many. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile developers are trying to unban it somehow but the government authorities and other developers aim to develop games like PUBG Mobile as an alternative. 

In this regard, Indic Arena proposed an alternative source of PUBG recreation, called SICO. They launched a mobile multiplayer trailer and announced it in early March. That caught the attention of many battle royale enthusiasts in India who are waiting for the eventual release. To escalate the eagerness even more among the battle royale enthusiasts, Indic Arena provided the users with a glimpse of the first playable map Vanam in a released video. The video gives a tour to the players through numerous locations on the map.

The other maps which have been announced include Warehouse, Mandapa and Parvata, which aims to provide a local touch to the upcoming title. Apart from this, SICO will be offering its users a variety of multiplayer game modes including Team Death Match, Free for all, Domination, Multiple Team Death Match, Gun Race modes which is similar and popular to CODM.

Now, the focus of experts is on the success of its launch. For convenience activity, SICO has collaborated with Google Play Stor letting the users enquire about it in the most accessible way.