PSY comes back as the ambassador of ‘Ragnarok Origin’

PSY, one of the most iconic singers of all times who took the world by the storm with his famous ‘Gangnam Style’, reappears to the public as the ambassador for Gravity’s hit mobile game Ragnarok Origin.

PSY has starred in several commercials and interviews for Ragnarok Origin. In the commercial, PSY is seen alone and tired in his studio.

The silence is broken when he receives a text message and gets sucked into the world of Ragnarok to enjoy many of the fun experiences present in Ragnarok Origin.

In the short FaceTime Video, PSY has revealed that he will be releasing a new song this year. This will be the first in five years that PSY will be releasing since his last album in 2017.

In addition to PSY’s interview, there will be community events featuring lots of prizes and rewards to celebrate PSY’s onboarding as the second ambassador for Ragnarok Origin. Gravity has claimed that they are preparing many more different collaboration events and activities with PSY to deliver a fun and exciting experience for the players.

Apart from PSY and Ragnarok Origin’s collaboration, Ragnarok Origin has recently released a massive update featuring a new class, increased level cap to lvl90, new stories, dungeons, and various events.

Here’s a quick summary of the update.

  1. New Job: Crusader
  2. New Lvl 90 storyline
  3. New Map: Ancient City
  4. Sky Set system
  5. New Dungeon: Attacking Prontera at Night
  6. War of Emperium Siege Fight

Users can play Ragnarok Origin now by downloading the game on iOS or Android in the USA and Canada