Pocket52 launched online Rummy with cash tables

Pocket52 launched Online Rummy with a plethora of action-packed cash tables. To offer the online leisure of rummy, Pocket52 introduced Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy, and Point Rummy on 28 December 2020. 

Founder and CEO Nitesh Salvi quoted, “With the growing love for Rummy in India we were keen to launch online Rummy. Some play it for extra earnings, others play it for fun and thrill, that game offers. At Pocket52 you can play online Rummy anytime, anywhere. You just need a smart device with an internet connection, and you are good to go! Also, the aesthetically pleasing UI/UX of our newly launched App gives a smooth gaming experience. You can play online Rummy with thousands of real players with a guaranteed action.” 

Indian Rummy or 13-card Rummy is one of the most popular variants that is loved and played in Indian online Rummy ecosystem. Pocket52, a 100 per cent safe, secure and legal online Poker and online Rummy platform, claims the brand. 

 “Pocket52’s endeavours towards the skill-based games have led to new product innovations that are targeted to enhance players’ skill levels. We understand the value of hard-earned money of players, and hence we try to balance up their bankrolls with various offers and promotions. The idea is to deliver the world-class gaming experience and create big winning opportunities,” added Salvi.

While on one side, Pocket52 is equipped to nurture the dream of players who aspire to be professionals in the poker game. On another side, it has launched a remarkably entertaining online rummy platform. That is, everybody has unlimited opportunities to win at Pocket52.  

 Online Rummy at Pocket52 features:

  • Pocket52 is an online Rummy App with thousands of real players. So, if you are an online Rummy enthusiast, you will witness a lot of action at the Pocket52’s cash tables. If you are new to Rummy, playing with a wide range of players will sharpen up your gaming skills. Every table, every game, every day, has many wonderful opportunities to bag big winnings.
  • Start your online Rummy journey at Pocket52 with a 100per cent deposit bonus up to Rs 5600 on your first deposit. 
  • Pocket52 assures an EXTRA 30per cent bonus on every deposit
  • Enjoy easy-peasy money transactions at Pocket52 with the help of secure payment gateways and industry-led payment methods.
  • Trusted by lakhs of players, Pocket52 is a  safe, secure and legal platform to play online Rummy the company claims. Pocket52 ensures your rights as a player; protected with robust anti-fraud systems and automated processes. It is India’s first cryptographically RNG+ online poker platform which provides fair gameplay, the company claims.
  •  Pocket52 ensures a hassle-free Single Wallet System for both Poker & Rummy.
  • Lightning-fast customer support comforts and helps you with the tiniest of the hurdles that you come across as per the convenience of the language preference.