PlayStation 5: Sony unveils box art for upcoming game ‘Spiderman’

PlayStation 5 is all set for holiday 2020 launch.  Sony has been teasing its fans with every little thing coming to its future-gen console. A short while ago, Sony revealed the console and this time it is the box art of PS5  upcoming exclusive Spiderman.

For every exclusive title, the PS4 box had the words ‘Only On PlayStation’ written on it. The PS5 title’s box does not have that. The reason can be of Spiderman’s availability for other platforms, too? It is highly unlikely that it will be available for Xbox, but it could be available for PC and maybe even Switch. Or to everyone’s dismay, it could just be Sony’s decision to not put those words on the cover anymore. But we’ll choose to believe in the former anyway.

The box art looks clean but one fan suggested that it should come in black. He even posted a picture that shows the Ghost Of Tsushima with black box art. 

As for the new layout, it looks like PS5 games will swap out the traditional blue bar for a new white bar with black lettering atop all physical games, matching up with the system’s sleek new design. 

While we don’t have an exact release date for the game nor the actual system just yet, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is expected to arrive in stores in time for Holiday 2020, and will be one of many launch day titles for the hotly awaited gaming console. Also, judging by the pre-order price for fellow PS5 launch title NBA 2K21, it looks like the starting price point for PS5 games will run approximately $69.99.