‘The Lord of the Rings: Gollum’ makers to push the launch date by few months

Daedalic Entertainment and NACON decided to push the release date of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum by few months. In an official media note they said, “Would like to thank all players for their patience and support so far. During the past several years, the team has been working hard to share vision of a remarkable story, set in a breathtaking world, filled with magic and wonder. We are dedicated to meeting our community’s expectations and uncovering the untold story of Gollum in a way that honours the vision of J.R.R. Tolkien.”

That being said, in order to deliver the best possible experience, they have decided to push the release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum by a few months. the team will update with an exact timing in the near future. Earlier Daedalic Entertainment revealed that the release date for the game Lord of the Rings: Gollum was decided 1 September 2022 for PC and console, and the Switch version later that seems the the new revelation directs that dates for console will push further.

“Daedalic and NACON are grateful for their passionate community and will be happy to share this unique adventure with them soon.The Lord of the Ring: Gollum will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch,” the press note revealed.

Earlier, it was revealed that the developers of Steelrising and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum have been working hand in hand with NVIDIA to include two advanced technologies in its games: ray tracing (RT), which adds realism to the games through improved light and shading; and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), NVIDIA’s critically acclaimed AI-powered tech that boosts performance without compromising image quality.

Thus incorporating such technology in game is a time consuming factor, however on the other side fans are eagerly waiting for the launch, hope the development phase will not take too long, hopefully before the holiday season!

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