Orangutan gaming announces ‘BGMI’ roster

With the announcement of PUBG Mobile’s return to India with a brand-new game called BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), esports teams and athletes are looking to get their teams in order and start practicing for upcoming tournaments. The short hiatus post the PUBG ban in India had left many teams and players out of the scene and with the game making a comeback in the scene many esports organizations have been announcing their rosters for the same. The latest announcement comes from a new esports organization called Orangutan, which recently revealed their BGMI line up. This proclamation came through their official Instagram page as well as the personal profiles of all the players in this line up which featured posts with the hashtag #ComingSoon and #TheTroopsAreHere. 

While there are a number of established teams working hard to make their mark in BGMI, a new team that has caught the attention of the esports community over the last 2 months is, Team Coming Soon. The line up including Ashish ‘Ash’ Bhatnagar, Manoj ‘Believe’ Kumar, Shubham ‘Driger’ Quiriyal and Shivam ‘Fiction’ Patel had left everyone in the community wondering if they had been signed by an organization. 

BGMI is one of the most popular games with great viewership in India. Seeing GENZ’s and millennials deeply involved in the Esport, vigorously watching top quality athletes competing at par with international organisations, it became imperative for Orangutan to bring a BGMI lineup on board”, says , of Orangutan Gaming co-founder Jai Shah.  

Although the official announcement of the line up being signed with Orangutan happened on (date of the announcement), there were some hints/ leaks in the community that this new lineup will consist of Ashish ‘Ash’ Bhatnagar, former member of Team Fnatic along with a mix bag of three other players and a coach.  




Coach –  Vedang ‘Vedzz’ Chavan 

OGxAsh – Ashish Bhatnagar: IGL 

OGxBelieve – Manoj Kumar: Fragger  

OGxDriger – Shubham Quiriyal: Fragger  

OGxFiction – Shivam Patel: Fragger 


All the names are now well-known in the BGMI scene and over the last two months have repeatedly proven why they have been signed with Orangutan.  

The coach for this line up, Vedang ‘Vedzz’ Chavan has been a pro-PUBG PC player for Malaysian team, Team Vitez and Australian team, Team Sakura as an IGL. He has had the most number of achievements in PUBG PC in the South East Asia region for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021. Vedzz has also coached Team Blitzkrieg XP and Team Marcos and was an analyst with Team Megastars.  

Ash, former PUBG M support player of Team Fnatic, who won the PMAS in 2019,  is now a blooming IGL for Team Orangutan.  

Believe, former PUBG M player from Team MYM and Team Enigma, is known for his in-game fighting strategies and directions.  

Driger, who is making a comeback in the esports scene after a year and a half with Team Orangutan is known for his striking attitude towards the game and is one of the most hardworking players on the team, says Coach Vedang. Driger was a pro PUBG M player with Team 7Sea and Enigma Gaming.

Fiction, known for his assaulting during the game is a budding esports athlete and also the youngest player on this lineup.  

With this promising roster, Orangutan Gaming is always on the lookout for new talent in esports and is also seeking to have a fifth member for this lineup.