National Gamedrome Counter Strike CZ Battle

Sify Gamedrome, one of the Nation’s premier gaming chains is planning on conducting their first ever national online tournament. The competition is slated to be held in Mumbai in the last week of September with the finals scheduled for 2nd October. Players will compete with each other in Counter Strike and Condition Zero Battle.

Keeping a mass approach to the tournament, the organizers have kept a minimum charge of only Rs 50 per team entry with internet usage being additionally charged at Rs 25 per hour.

The last date for entering the competition is 21 September.

The organizers have announced a number of prizes which include

” National Level- To a team of 5

o Sony Erricson handsets (W) series
o Worth more than a Lakh of rupees

” At Regional level- To team of 5

o Gift hamper of Gigabyte worth Rs 25, 000 each

” At a Zonal level- To a team of 5

o Prizes worth Rs 10, 000 ( To the team a s whole)

” At the gamedrome level:
o Gamedrome counter strike gift hamper worth Rs 1000

” Free game to walk-ins

” Mock tournament prize money -To a team of 5
o Regional team Rs.2000
o National team Rs.5000


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