Mobile Gaming 2005 :Presentations

Besides the panel discussions at MG2005, there were quite a few individual presentations on a wide variety of interesting & relevant topics. Following is a gist with listed points attributed to presenter Analysing the Role of handset compatability in shaping the mobile gaming market – Anupam Varghese, CTO Tinfomobile A wonderful presentation with a cute character especially created as a mascot that spoke to you this presentation was extremely impressive. null Varghese explained the relation between the evolution of the handset with the growth in mobile gaming and the potential. He also pointed out that somewhere along the way, the major enabler of mobile games, the mobile handset was also becoming a disabler due to proprietary APIs and bugs, frimwares released without suffieicent Q&A. Conclusions There is a gamer in each of us- this is the mobile gaming market. The mobile handset is the key enabler/disabler. Compatibility, in terms of common platforms and standards, has an important role to play. Incompatibility, due to inconsistencies of some manufacturers, has slowed down the growth. This has resulted in the growth of a new industry – Mobile Porting. Recommendations To Manufacturers Give more attention to QA processes before handset frimware release. To Operators Make sure that the handsets on your network are quality checked. In case of gaps that exist even after the process above: Ensure information availability. More than bugs, its the lack of information on the same that matters. To Developers: Only experience and innovation will help this tribe thrive. The 8Cs of Mobile era – Madan Mohan Rao, Techsparks Connectivity Content Community Culture Capacity Co operation Commerce Capital Why Are Games so Important? – Kaustav Ghosh – Mobile 365 – it’s an embedded habit, nothing comes easier than that – You do not need a reason to play though you may need a reason to play a specific game – Games have a universal appeal – The deep seated motivations behind a game are complex and all encompassing – They offer a relatively way out of growth revenue deadlocks AND YET…. We do not see an overwhelming surge in mobile game brands across the Indian landscape, impacting consumers and getting them to play We do not see large media brands in India at all involved in building game properties except as sideshows Does the media need mobile games Hell yes Pray Why? The value of exposure on channels needs to be monetised Differntiation is becoming the key as more and more people are doing much the same stuff Their greatest assets are audience and programming – ideal for new revenue streams through brand extensions Interactivity and direct to consumer are round the corner and traditional media businesses have to look for new revenue streams Realising the Value of IP in Mobile Gaming – Smita Jha, PWC