Meta-owned Facebook to discontinue its gaming app on iOS and Android

Facebook, which is owned by Meta, has announced that its standalone gaming app would be discontinued later this year. According to reports, the largest social media platform is warning users of its gaming apps of the same. The software will no longer be accessible for download starting on 28 October. “We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything that you’ve done to build a thriving community for gamers and fans since the app first launched,” reads the official notice.

As you may recall, Facebook debuted its gaming website in 2018. Then, it was meant to go up against Twitch and YouTube. By releasing an app for the Android and iOS operating systems two years later, the business made the service available on smartphones. The software, which was released in April 2020, enables users to watch their preferred streamers, participate in gaming groups, and play instant games.

Additionally, the company posted the news on its website for its gaming services. The post reads, “Despite this news, our mission to connect players, fans and creators with the games they love hasn’t changed, and you’ll still be able to find your games, streamers and groups when you visit Gaming in the Facebook app.”

However, Facebook has not provided any justification for the app removal. Facebook and streaming both have a lot of money invested in the gaming platform. The company signed exclusivity agreements with creators including DiguisedToast, Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr., and Grand Theft Auto roleplayer Ramee.

As per reports, the number of hours spent on Facebook Gaming and other services has begun to decline, despite the fact that demand increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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