McDonald becomes OfflineTV’s food and beverage sponsor

OfflineTV and McDonald’s USA have joined forces to connect fans with their favourite gamers – both online and IRL – through a partnership that will come to life through sponsored streams, integrated content and in-person events. Marking OfflineTV’s first major sponsorship deal, the collaboration will elevate the ways the viral gaming group engages their global fan base, and see the Golden Arches spotlight a diverse group of content creators and brand fans furthering the brand’s commitment to diversity, especially in the gaming space. The partnership kicked off last weekend at Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in North America, where fans were up close and personal with their favourite OfflineTV members at an interactive booth featuring photo opps and limited-edition merch.

“As someone who grew up with late night drive-thru runs, it’s an honor to team up with McDonald’s to bring great experiences to our fans. This partnership has so much in store – from unique conventions as well as trips to other countries – we’re really excited to make more unique content and share all our upcoming adventures with our fans,” said OfflineTV founder Scarra. 

With nearly half a billion views and more than three million subscribers across YouTube and Twitch, OfflineTV’s diverse roster of streamers and content creators are united by a shared love for all things gaming. Their content ranges from fun challenges that follow Gen Z trends to introspective moments that allow for each member to shine. Founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, the group includes Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, Yvonnie, Michael Reeves, Sydeon, Masayoshi, and QuarterJade – each boasting strong fanbases.

“Gaming is a huge passion for many McDonald’s fans, so we’re meeting them in the online communities that they’re spending their time in. While providing OfflineTV more opportunities to create their authentic and light-hearted online content that fans love, we’re proud this collaboration allows us to help amplify voices from different backgrounds, knowing the how diverse the gaming community is,” said McDonald’s senior director of cultural engagement Elizabeth Campbell

Last December, OfflineTV and McDonald’s first came together to launch the group’s first-ever pop-up store to sell merch and meet fans. To accommodate overwhelming demand from fans unable to attend the in-person event in Los Angeles, the pop-up was adapted into an immersive metaverse experience  that was accessible anywhere in the world through a connected device — marking the Golden Arches’ first fan experience in the metaverse.

McDonald’s continues to make its presence known in the gaming industry, with OfflineTV being the brand’s second major gaming partnership in the past year. Last August, McDonald’s announced an ongoing content partnership with FaZe Clan, the digital-native lifestyle and media platform, to promote diversity and inclusion within the gaming industry. 

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