Limited edition 24K gold-plated PS5 to launch post the actual release of PS5 this year

Sony have already revealed that the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 will come in a variety of editions. The much-anticipated hardware is rumoured to be being made available in a number of colours.The overall cost of the console is unlikely to vary by more than a few hundred pounds. For those with sky-high budgets, the limited edition 24k gold-plated PlayStation 5 that’s being released later this year might be just the thing for them.

British company Truly Exquisite is offering gamers the chance to own a PS5 plated in 24K gold! Truly Exquisite market themselves as “The UK’s Premier Luxury Customising Brand” and have plenty of experience in enhancing the latest gadgets – as they also offer gold-plated Apple Watches, iPhones and iPads to consumers.

According to TechRadar, Truly Exquisite founder and CEO Kunal Patel described the PS5 as “the most anticipated games console to ever be released” and stated that his company is “offering a luxury limited-edition PS5 for those individuals that truly want to stand out will be a popular choice.” He also went on to say that they will be producing no more than 100 gold PS5s, and that customers already want to preorder them. Check out the ad for the Truly Exquisite 24K Gold PlayStation 5 bundle below:  

The price of it is yet to decide  however the cost of it will be alot as 24 karat gold doesn’t come cheap. in addition, PS5 is expected to be one of the heaviest consoles ever made (at 11 pounds), the gold or the platinum on it is just going to make it heavier.