LGP1 to commence its operation from August 2021

LGP1 the interactive gaming video content platform has announced that they will commence operation from August 2021.

 LGP1 allows players to battle remotely with their friends, without losing the excitement and social engagement of a live competitive gaming event. The audience can watch, interact, and play for free together in a party on the platform as they fight for the $ 50.000 award in an open, online CS: GO tournament.

LGP1 integrates a gaming video content platform with a reality show. It is divided into two phases, the selection, and the actual competition, each being eight weeks long. On its website and app, users witness the battles online every week in a series of tournaments designed to maximise drama and conflict. Only 10 survive: these form the main roster of contenders for the competition, but each day they are challenged in combat and substituted by players from the public. Their numbers are reduced until one last player is left standing, bringing home the prize. Meanwhile, viewers are the protagonists as they guess, bet, and battle their way into the competition, utilising LGP1 to do so.

LGP1 Sa director Thomas Sanne states: “In today’s world left reeling from the consequences of Coronavirus, the stringent measures due to lockdowns are seriously hindering Esports organizations’ revenue streams and leaving the public desperately wanting for social engagement. Being now deprived of it, the audience is left with a dire need to connect. Esports, in our opinion, have not yet fully bridged the gap and could be doing more to fill the void left by the absence of live events. With LGP1, we engage our public and bring it together thanks to fully interactive gamification based on Reality TV dynamics, while offering unique Multi-POV video that enhances the experience and involves like never before. If videogames are where you connect with your world, and you miss the social engagement of live competitions, LGP1 is the gamified GVC platform that allows you to experience remotely the excitement of a LAN party with your friends.”

The first season is expected to start in August 2021. LGP1 is developing its platform together with global leaders in gaming video content, and some of the greatest names in Esports. Stay tuned for more exciting news concerning outstanding partners and the growing team.