Infinite Arcade and YGG SEA join hands to introduce web3 gaming for half a million people in Southeast Asia

Infinite Arcade and Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGGSEA) have announced a strategic partnership that aims to introduce half a million people in Southeast Asia to web3 gaming over the next year. 

The Infinite Arcade platform was created to bring thousands of popular, existing mobile games into one seamless blockchain platform, much like an Apple AppStore or Steam for blockchain games. In doing so, it aims to make it much simpler for mobile gamers across the globe to explore the benefits of blockchain for their favorite games. 

YGG SEA operates one of the world’s largest blockchain gaming communities. With an emphasis on web3 education, adoption and investment, it already has invested in 80 projects and launched 10 games. Through the new partnership, YGG SEA will work with Infinite Arcade to grow its community of gamers across Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, with the ultimate goal of reaching 500,000 by summer 2023. 

Together, they aim to supercharge web3’s growth potential within the mobile game market, which has three billion global players who will generate over $100 billion in revenue this year. Infinite Arcade taps into the vast power of the existing mobile ecosystem by making it fun and easy for mobile gamers to play in web3 using only a smartphone, a mobile internet connection, and access to Google Play or the Apple AppStore.

Infinite Arcade founding contributor Şekip Can Gökalp commented, “Everyone at Infinite Arcade is delighted to be working with YGG SEA. We’re really excited to partner and bring web3 to the masses through fun and easy mobile games. It’s amazing to find someone that is as bullish as we are in this space and we look forward to pioneering with them.”

YGG SEA chief gaming officer Dan Wang added: “We believe this partnership will help us drive impressive growth and hit some key goals in our investment strategy. Infinite Arcade is launching more and more mobile games on their blockchain platform and we believe that scale and variety will lead to sustainable growth and engagement among our gaming community.”

The partnership will begin with 4,000 members of the YGG SEA community playing games in the Infinite Arcade. There are currently more than 20 games available, with hundreds more in the pipeline.