Indiagames Partners MTNL Tri-Band for Online Games

Indiagames, India’s No.1 online and mobile games company launched its revolutionary new service – Games on Demand with MTNL Tri-band, the leading broadband service provider in Mumbai. The service was launched by Shri M S Rana, Executive Director, MTNL Mumbai and Mr. Vishal Gondal, CEO, Indiagames. Ms Yana Gupta made a special appearance on behalf of Indiagames.

The tie-up will give MTNL users the benefit of

  • Accessing a revolutionary broadband gaming service from Indiagames on MTNL Tri-band at an affordable subscription fee
  • Unlimited game play of premium international games
  • Saying goodbye to pirated games, with full versions of the latest PC games
  • Free mobile game download with every subscription

The MTNL-Indiagames Games on Demand service will offer existing and new MTNL Tri-Band subscribers unlimited consumption of PC games at monthly subscription fees of just Rs. 300 for the Premium package and 150 for the Casual games package. Over the last few months, Indiagames has partnered with a number of leading international game publishers like Codemaster, Microsoft, Atari and Playfirst, amongst others, to offer consumers of the service a variety of premium single and multiplayer PC games in a ‘first of its kind’ offering in India.

Commenting on the launch of the service, Shri M S Rana, Executive Director, MTNL Mumbai said “Games on Demand one of the most important value added services offered by MTNL for its consumers. We have always been on the lookout for enhancing user experience and feel that the new service would bring affordable world class gaming entertainment within the reach of consumers.”

Vishal Gondal, CEO Indiagames Ltd added “The Games on Demand service will have a catalytic effect on the currently nascent but rapidly growing gaming audience in India by bringing compelling content at a great value for money price point. Further, with over 80% of games in India being sold illegally, we believe that our unparalleled price and service offering will significantly expand the segment of legitimate game sales in India”. He further added that “We have been delighted by MTNL’s speed of response and turn around times and are looking forward to rolling out the service on India’s largest basic telephony provider in metros.”

The service will include popular international titles such as Age of Empires II, Brian Lara’s Cricket, Flight Simulator, Rise of Nations and IGI 2 Covert Strike amongst others.

In addition to unlimited access to over a 100 games at an affordable cost, Games on Demand subscribers will enjoy the benefits of not being charged any additional fee for data transfer during game downloads, multiplayer compatible games, automatic patching and security. As an additional value add, Indiagames and MTNL will offer the service with all its features on a free trial basis for the first 4 days and a free mobile game download on registration.

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