Indiagames brings 3D mobile gaming experience with Brucelee 3D

nullNo doubt that when it comes to animation, there are puritans who will swear by the charm of 2D animation. But when it comes to games, especially mobile games once you experience 3D on the mobile you are going to get hooked on.

Leading Indian online and mobile games publisher and developer, Indiagames Ltd has recently launched the 3D version of one of its best selling titles Bruce Lee.

The ‘Bruce Lee 3D‘ game is a 3D fighting game for the mobile phone, in the same constellation as the 3D fighting games such as ‘Tekken‘, ‘Mortal Kombat‘ etc. Players can fight with various characters with different fighting styles in different domains, in order to defeat the challengers. In the 2D game, players can only move forward and backward towards and away from the opponent, in the 3D game, the player can also side step therefore moving completely around the arena.
‘Bruce Lee 3D‘ essentially is the same core game as the ‘Bruce Lee 2D‘ game, but the game is in complete 3D. Not only does this enhance the visuals by letting the user see all parts of a particular arena they are fighting in but by also letting them see the fighters from various different angles to give that extra visual effect.

Speaking to, Hrishi, studio head, Tridev, India games shared, “Bruce Lee 3D‘ has been created for a variety of platforms. On the mobile phone specifically it is already available for Java and will be available on Brew soon”

He further added, “In India, unfortunately 3D mobile games are not such a big deal because the numbers of phones which support 3D games are very limited. Having said that, since the game is currently only available on certain Java phones and the other phones which we support are currently in porting, as soon as it is ready across the complete handset list, we will make it available on all the operators‘ decks. As far as the Brew carriers in India are concerned, there are far fewer handsets which support 3D games on these Brew specific carriers.”

On the Java end most of the Sony Ericsson devices, all the new Nokia S60 devices onwards and most of the new Nokia N series devices support the game. On the Brew end, game support is available on all the devices which use the Brew MSM 6500 chipset onwards. A lot of American and Japanese operators have these handsets, but in India not too many operators have such high-end handsets.

Dhaval Patel – Lead Environment Artist, Indiagames, shared, “As a part of the gaming industry I would say 3D-mobile game development is the toughest and most challenging task for environment artists because we are always comparing our game environments to PC and console games and putting that type of quality in a mobile phone in such a small file size is a very challenging task to do.”

“This game is the highest technical achievement for the platforms we have created the game on. The Awards and Accolades which this game has received includes, being selected by Qualcomm for development on their high end platforms including MSM 6550 and display at their various events all over the world along with a display case at GDC and Brew Conference and it is also selected by IMGA as a finalist in the International Mobile Gaming Awards in the categories of Most Innovative Game, Best Interactive Experience and Excellence in 3D” he concluded.

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