HeyHey! hosts first edition of knowledge sharing session in Mumbai on metaverse, NFT and more

HeyHey! hosted the first edition of knowledge sharing for the media fraternity. Technological advancement is taking place at a breakneck speed, and businesses will have to keep pace with this change. Metaverse and NFTs are the current trends that are changing the landscape of branding, advertising and marketing.

The knowledge sharing session was conducted by HeyHey! spokesperson CEO and founder Caleb Franklin, HeyHey! co-founder Rohan Rajguru and HeyHey! VP business development Aman Aggarwal in Mumbai. The spokespersons of the brand gave a complete overview on the technology behind Metaverse and NFTs and how brands can amplify their reach by exploring this emerging trend in the industry. Furthermore, they also illustrated the work done by HeyHey! in this booming Web 3.0 space.

The knowledge sharing was a close-knit event along with the presence of the media fraternity. The event’s goal was to capture and have a conversation about the NFTs and how the world will witness the possibility of better engagement in peer-to-peer lending.

Talking about the event, Franklin shared, “HeyHey! believes in making a difference and breaking the myths around NFTs and blockchain. We are deeply excited about the technology behind Web3.0 and the benefits it can drive across multiple fields including entertainment. With our first interactive session on Web3.0, our hope is to build awareness and understanding around the technology and also showcase its use cases in everyday life.”

Rajguru added, “We are super excited about the rising interest and growth in Web3 in Asia especially, in India. The interest spike has led to people asking the right questions out of curiosity to learn more about the space and it’s several applications. It’s a pleasure to have partners wanting to learn about Web3 while exploring about its very core potential. We look forward to build our brand presence with our key stakeholders. At HeyHey!, we are aiming to make sure that we educate more and more people about NFTs, Metaverse and Web3 / blockchain technology while showing them the importance of community building in these areas.” 

The rapid rise of the digital economy has led to tremendous growth in the NFTs and Web 3.0. This has been accelerated even further by the change in brand execution and the improvement of communication following the rise in digital dependency brought on by the global pandemic. Web 3.0 is starting to establish itself as a crucial channel for retention, conversion, and engagement which will pave for possible opportunities.

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