Here are the glimpses from ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 10, ‘The Hunt’ theme

With green surroundings, the sound of nature, bullets rushing out from suppressor, tribal background score, Activision’s  Call of Duty: Mobile season 10 officially kicked off today with the theme of ‘The Hunt‘. Nonetheless, a thrilling trailer was dropped to officially start the season and it does give off a bit of a PUBG vibe. Apart from that, it appears that there’s more to the season “The Hunt,” that players should watch out for.

According to the recent Reddit community update, Activision admits that Season 10 “isn’t quite as massive of in-game update” compared to last season however it has a decent number of ammo and characters. The Jungle theme welcome video where among all the other characters a grass-like green suited soldier similar was also revealed which looks similar to PUBG’s Gilli suit .

The characters added the season are equally in number of both genders with two male and female operatorsthis shows that  Call of Duty Mobile is targeting its  audience irrespective of gender which indicates the ratio of male and female players in Call of Duty: Mobile seems are almost equal.

Another variety of Outrider will be given, this time she’s dressed as “Amazonas.” Meanwhile, Makarov takes in a new look called “Splinter.” Two new characters are introduced: Mara as Valkyrie and Mace as Tombstone.

Mace will be given on Tier 50, Makarov – Splinter on Tier 35, and Outrider – Amazonas on Tier 12. Mara – Valkyrie, on the other hand, is made available on Tier 1.

Furthermore, there’s a new weapon added this season called the Echo. For paid Battle Pass holders, it is claimable at Tier 50 along with Mace. Here are the items  available GKS – Scion (tier 1),Charm – Black Widow (tier 1), ICR -1 – Bloodline (tier 10), RPD – Carnivorous (tier 20), XPR – Arachnophobia (tier 40), Legendary Calling Card – Fatal Attraction (tier 50)

 COD Mobile earlier has announced that ‘Terminal‘ and ‘Pine‘ Multiplayer maps for Season 10, which will be pretty exciting . However, the season update launched with new map Terminal which is an Airport themed map with sound effects of aircraft taking off and announcement by the ground staff like so. The map looks quite realistic and only available for the random multiplayer matches.  The pine map will also available in between the season as it is showing coming up in the upgrade list.

I personally find the terminal map is bit whimsical compared to other existing maps and here is quick gameplay on the terminal map:


The graphics on the new map and the back drop looks good and the sound also awesome and the added PUBG MOBILE element right when it is banned in India will surely going to grab the attention of Indian PUBG MOBILE players . The in-game comics for the season will be revealed soon as it mentioned on the timeline of the comics and it seems that the COD MOBILE Season 10 is going to be a lot of fun with fresh new content.