‘Harvest Days’ early access is now open

With previews Harvest Days now available, the Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing inspired farming sim is set to let players escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Offering players the opportunity to take over a small forgotten farm and become one with nature, Harvest Days lets you manage animals, tend to your garden, harvest and trade your crops, go fishing or explore the charming open world by horseback. With deep but accessible gameplay, players are given complete creative freedom on how they choose to build their dream farm.

With gorgeous low-poly graphics and a sandbox environment, Harvest Days let’s players relax as they grow their crops, expand their community and build their quaint surroundings. Whether that’s decorating their home, discovering all that the world has to offer or just talking to your brand new neighbours, Harvest Days ensures it gives players complete control over how they expand their farm.

Work hard, manage your business wisely and your little farm might grow into a personal paradise, surrounded by boundless, untouched nature. Kick back, unwind and watch your dreams grow. 

Harvest Days is now available in Early Access. Those eager to make a headstart on their farm can purchase the Digital Supporters Pack which includes a digital guide, calendar, excerpts from the original soundtrack, unique wallpaper, an additional in-game outfit and ten premium seeds. 

With all the excitement about the Early Access launch, the developers already have a precise plan of where the “Harvest Way of Live” will take them. They present us their plans in the roadmap:

Key Features

  • Become A Farmer
    Develop your dream farm  and take care of its animals. Plant dozens of different types of fruit trees or more than 50 different crops.
  • Relax
    Go fishing at the lake, chat with your neighbours or take your horse for a ride through scenic landscapes. You decide how you unwind in this untouched paradise.
  • Open World
    Explore countless locations with dozens of secrets and surprises. Uncover natural caves full of minerals, a temple ruin or a mysterious swamp. Harvest Days features more than 40 activities and dozens of wild animals.
  • Build Your Community
    Become part of the village community and make new friends. Buy, sell and trade products with your neighbours and invest your profits to expand your farm.
  • Create Something Unique
    Gather wood, stone, minerals, gems and even magic mushrooms before building your own tools, furniture and decorations. You dream it – you build it.
  • Look After Yourself
    Eat, drink, get plenty of rest and enjoy the quaint surroundings. There is no point in building a farming paradise if there is no time to enjoy it!