Guest Column| Prerequisites before choosing ‘Real Money Games’

 When the pandemic struck us, it made people rethink how they can earn a sustainable living, prioritise health, and beat boredom by entertaining themselves, especially when isolated. According to the statistics collated by the gaming companies, the national average gaming time spent by users reached 4.1 hours post covid compared to 2.5 hours in the pre-covid era. Among all the online games available to the people Real money games (RMG) such as online poker and rummy have seen major traction since March 2020 in the 35+ years age bracket, as RMG offered users a chance to earn money apart from just entertaining themselves. In fact, last year, the month of May witnessed over 150 million downloads of online games.

Raj Seth


Jayaveer Bhupalam

As the popularity of real money, games grows with each passing day, and more people sign up on RMG apps and websites, the safety and security of users become the most important factor to consider when selecting an online real money gaming platform. Every player should pay close attention to a set of characteristics that indicate whether the platform is trustworthy. If online gaming is one of your favorite pleasures, then doing your homework before signing up for one of the many casino platforms available to Indian gamers will greatly improve your experience. Appended are some of the most crucial prerequisites one must keep in mind before signing up for the RMG apps. e. According to casino review websites (such as casino howto), there are more than 2,000 online casinos on the market that allow depositing as little as $10.


No Certificate, No Game

Make sure the establishment has a license to operate before being enticed by an RMG flag. In India, to run any RMG platform, the companies need a Random Number Generator Certificate by iTech Lab along with a Fair play Certificate. Always double-check that the regulator’s emblem is genuine and that the license is current by clicking on it. These regulators are responsible for ensuring that platforms are fair and trustworthy, and they cannot provide a certificate if a platform’s procedures are not up to par. So, keep in mind, no certificate, no game!

User-Friendly Interface

In an online real money gaming app/platform, the user experience is one of the important aspects that keep players coming back, therefore the site should look professional and have a gaming experience that is at par or above other card gaming platforms globally. Whether you play on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, your experience should be seamless, and you should be able to quickly discover what you’re searching for. All aspects of the gaming platform should have visible and easily accessible tabs, such as banking, contact information, bonus details, and so on.

Customer Support

Customer service should be a primary focus for every online real money gaming platform. Players should be able to contact the platform via email, phone, or, more crucially, live to chat available seven days a week. All questions should be answered quickly, professionally, and courteously, and help should be available in multiple languages. The operator must also assist responsible gaming by allowing players to limit their deposits or take a break for a long or short period of time. Players should read user reviews before downloading any RMG app to get a good idea of customer service.

Bonus Programs

The majority of real money gaming platforms provide a welcome bonus when you sign up. Some may even offer an additional bonus after your account is verified. The majority of these bonuses come in the form of free money. Client-oriented online platforms, on the other hand, are more likely to provide more lucrative bonus schemes. A customer-focused platform should always feature a variety of live gaming offers and bonus packages. There should be a clear description of the bonus offerings. It’s also critical that information about the bonuses is easily accessible.

Technical support & security

There are multiple aspects of gaming that a player needs to have ease while choosing and playing on any platform. That’s where the technical support comes into the picture. A platform that provides multi-device support, payment gateways support along with ease of withdrawal, wallet support, no-hassle KYC, etc. is definitely going to enhance the user experience and make it a platform that players will choose to play the real money games.

While transactional security is important, we can’t underestimate the need for application security, like prevention from Zero-day, DDos, Cross-site scripting [XSS], Clickjacking, Session hijacking kind of attacks along with the difference between bots and humans to ensure the security of the users.

Talking of security, data storage, and protection is another important aspect that comes into the picture. The platform should capture and store [encrypt] PII [Personally Identifiable Information], hashed passwords, etc. and the storage should be in the same country so that the data is secured.

Way Forward for RMG players

The gaming business in India is expected to grow greatly in the future, thanks to the advent and growing acceptance of 3G/4G network mobile services, as well as increased game production. As a result, RMG players must join a skill gaming association and participate in and embrace their self-regulation and responsible gaming standards. They must ensure that the gaming platform, product, and payment gateways are properly verified and certified on a regular basis by externally recognized bodies with the appropriate certification or logo. Stringent data privacy and security requirements should be scrupulously followed. For RMG players to have a long-term commercial operation, customer assistance, dispute resolution, and fair play games must be their majority to flourish in this sector.

When it comes to playing online real money games for real money, the first step should be to choose a platform and then choose the best poker variant to play. Once you’ve met these requirements, the game gets a lot easier to play. You may have some difficulties initially. However, overcoming these obstacles and achieving success in real-money games such as poker should be your ultimate goal.

(This article has been contributed by Gaussian Network chief product officer Raj Sheth, and  Gaussian Network chief technical officer Jayaveer Bhupalam and AnimationXpress does not necessarily subscribe to these views)