GOG Galaxy 2.0 integrates official Epic Games Store

GOG has announced Epic Games integration for GOG Galaxy 2.0 via its official blog post and Twitter handle. GOG Galaxy 2.0 was launched with the concept of showing all the digital games from across the platforms at one place to provide a unified gaming experience.

“We’re excited that Epic Games Store integration has come to GOG Galaxy 2.0It’s an important step towards breaking down walls between PC stores, as it enables a unified experience for players to manage their PC games library independent of where their games were purchased,” Epic Games Store general manager Steve Allison.

When GOG Galaxy 2.0 launched as a closed beta last year, its goal was to show all of your digital games in one place. There have been lots of community integrations that allow you to bring in games from platforms other than GOG, but until now Xbox Live was the only official integration.