Globant joins AWS to launch AWS for Games

Globant is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch AWS for Games. The new service enables developers to easily leverage the breadth and depth of AWS services to build smarter, more immersive, and engaging games. Through AWS for Games, Globant will help its roster of leading customers in the gaming industry to incorporate and benefit from AWS solutions and, in turn, more easily meet the modern gamer’s demands for fast, seamless playing experiences.

“As gaming continues to grow in popularity and become more sophisticated, game developers and designers need to constantly find new and better ways to implement the most cutting-edge technologies in order to stay competitive.The experts in Globant’s Gaming Studio leverage AWS for Games to enable our customers to fearlessly innovate as well as strengthen the agility, speed, and reliability of their games, in turn enhancing the player experience,” said Globant’s Gaming Studio managing director Paxton LaZar.

“As a company founded with the ambitious goal of creating a music metaverse ecosystem, PIXELYNX developers spend every day finding new, innovative ways to implement the latest emerging technologies – from blockchain to NFTs – into our gaming platform.Globant’s assistance providing state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, complete with security and automation powered by AWS’s seamless technology stack, allows our team to maximize the time they spend on our ultimate goal: creating the best possible experience for artists and music fans,” said PIXELYNX co-founder and chief executive officer Inder Phull.

“Globant is a trusted collaborator of AWS Game Tech. Both companies are committed to empowering game developers to build amazing, successful, and fun games.As more games offer live services and connected experiences in their games, developers need a diverse set of solutions to use. Having Globant as a strategic collaborator on AWS for Games allows developers to focus on creating fun player experiences,” said AWS Game tech head, game tech solutions/BD Rob Schoeppe.