G2 Esports win LEC Summer Split ‘League Of Legends’ tournament after crushing Fnatic in finals

G2 Esports wins in LEC by taking down Fnatic 3-0 in the grand final to win the LEC Summer Split and to win their fourth LEC title in a row. 

G2 bounced back following last week’s loss against Fnatic and came much more prepared with their drafts. Caps played phenomenally today and throughout the entire split overall, earning himself his third Split MVP award of his career.

The series began with a surprise Shen pick in the jungle by G2. They countered Fnatic’s aggressive playstyle by using Shen’s ultimate to stop their opponents from outnumbering them in small skirmishes. Jankos popped off, leaving Fnatic flabbergasted as they kept losing all fights due to his ultimate.

Following the huge Jankos performance in the first game on Shen, his pick was banned in the first draft phase by Fnatic in match two. Jankos was given Sett instead, one of his best-performing picks this split. Fnatic failed to properly deal with the juggernaut, who roamed everywhere around the map and ensured his laners had backup whenever Fnatic went for a play.

Winning the LEC trophy also means that G2 will be the European first seed at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. This puts G2 in a perfect position to repeat last year’s performance where they went all the way to the finals before losing to FunPlus Phoenix. 

G2 has not been looking as strong this year compared to last year, but they have proven they can show up when it matters. This will be important at Worlds 2020 where opponents such as Top Esports and DAMWON Gaming awaits. 

Worlds will kick off on 25 September with the play-in stage. G2 won’t be entering the tournament until the main event, which begins on 3 October.