Futuristic arcade-styled racing Indian game, ‘BOT RODS’ receives Epic MegaGrant

The Cirqus, Hobo Interactive, Holy Cow Productions game BOT RODS received Epic MegaGrant recently.

Holy Cow Productions’ founder Goutham Dindukurthi expressed to IGN, “We were extremely excited to have received the Epic MegaGrant for our game. We are nearing the end of our development on the game for PC and are looking to start porting the game to other consoles. Receiving this grant gives us a huge boost for wrapping up the game and launching as soon as possible. We are also reaching out to publishers now and the MegaGrant will definitely add credibility to the team and the project.”

AnimationXpress had earlier covered about the game when it was in its early stage and was revealed first in India at the Anifest 2018. The Cirqus, Hobo Interactive and Holy Cow productions gave shape in building out the world of BOT RODS. The game is set in an adorable futuristic world of the aliens and revolves around many species of characters racing each other in their customisable bots (their robot vehicles). The game opens with amazing graphics of bee buzzing, colourful flower covered landscape, adorable futuristic robots ready for racing, cows grazing in the field and so on. Some of the bots are Bit Bot, Ram Bots, Aquarian Bots and so on. The species are designed with amazing characteristics, for example, Aquarian one has unique shrimp-like flexible quality and it is fond of water.

The game has won the winner’s title for The Big Indie Pitch and has been showcased at various game festivals including Steam game fest, IGDC and so on.

As per IGN’s recent report, the game is almost ready for PC and the MegaGrant will help the studios to explore its journey towards console. Dindukurthi didn’t reveal the exact amount of the grant but mentioned that it will help them during the marketing process during its launch. 

Bot Rods is currently slated to release on Steam.