Fowl Robot Army launches 31-day kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game ‘Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’

Fowl Robot Army has launched a 31-day Kickstarter campaign for their new game Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’. After a very positive response on Twitter in a short time span, this crazy new game is set to have a successful Kickstarter launch. They have some seriously wacky rewards, like having your name dedicated on an in-game toilet, backer exclusive in-game content, play time with the developers, and early alpha access.

Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ has used Blender and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 to bring candy covered lava ice caves, flying toy trains and hidden sub-sea bunkers to life, in an epic adventure to defeat the forces of joy crushing grumpiness, and restore party to the land using the power of music, quantum entangled candy, and some of the wackiest weapons imaginable.

–  Genre: Open-world, Multi player, Action, Adventure, Survival, Strategy.

–  Platform: Linux, Windows, Consoles.

In a nut shell, the party lovin’ planet has been invaded by the oppressive Fowl Robot Army. In an mad attempt to get rid of the sunny side down bad guys with a quantum entangler, the planet has been entangled with the Candy-Verse. The quantum powered candy has all kinds of robot stompin’ powers, portals, force fields, quantum explosions and more. You must now pilot a toilet plunger footed H.A.R.V. Unit to harvest candy, build weapons, and most importantly build your heroes! They include a flying gunslingin’ toy train, a lasso swingin’ space cowgirl, and a snowman whose body tosses his own panicking head into battle.