Fantasy Akhada expects more than 100 per cent growth this IPL season

IPL season is back and fantasy sports stakeholders are betting big on it to scale up their businesses and gain more traction during this cricketing season. Fantasy sport operator Fantasy Akhada is looking to double their business metrics (grow by over 100 per cent), including registrations, on the back of IPL.

Fantasy Akhada founder Sumit Jha told AnimationXpress, “Our retention cohorts are top notch in the industry and we will aim to beat our existing benchmarks in retention post IPL.” 

Jha agreed that IPL brings exponential growth across industries and more so for the Fantasy Sports industry. To achieve their expected numbers, Fantasy Akhada has launched a fresh TV Campaign featuring Ali Fazal and Harsha Bhogle and the idea is to establish Fantasy Akhada as the destination for the fantasy sports audiences. He added. “The #AsliAkhada campaign has also been backed by a 360 degree communication program where we highlight unique features like 24*7 customer care and chance to win a FREE Foreign Trip for players who play regularly on Fantasy Akhada. Our key principle is to grab a significant chunk of the growth in the industry on the back of this IPL.”

The buzz for fantasy sports has been all through the year, however fantasy sport operators eye for IPL as the IPL season becomes the biggest generator of revenue. “We also believe that IPL sets the perfect platform for marketing activities and customer acquisition which we look to retain with our strong customer-focussed approach and various offers,” he further said.

According to the Jha, there are challenges too in the industry. He shared, “Fantasy Sports industry, especially during the IPL, is an extremely cluttered industry and it is important that we utilise our customer-first approach as well as the innovative marketing campaign to stand out and establish ourselves as the preferred fantasy sports platform for users across the country.”

Since Fantasy Akhada’s inception, more than 100+ players have appeared in the market. It was extremely important for them to maintain a strong retention base because of which their focus was on highly accessible 24*7 customer service and exclusive offers for their users. This strategy has helped them in setting a new standard of customer centricity in the industry.

Apart from sustaining the 100 per cent plus growth that they strive to achieve during the IPL, the platform ensures that their strong retention practices help them maintain the scale over the course of 2022.