Fanatical launches fundraising ‘Stand With Ukraine’ charity PC games bundle

Leading digital retailer Fanatical has teamed up with over 50 game developers and games industry luminaries to launch a fundraising bundle for Ukraine.

Fanatical has joined forces with Richie de Wit (Robot Teddy), Tomas Sala (creator of The Falconeer and BAFTA-nominated artist) and Alessandra van Otterlo (Editor-in-Chief of Control Magazine) to create a bundle filled with Steam PC games. Richie, Tomas and Alessandra have worked quickly and tirelessly to sign up over 50 game developers and publishers to the bundle. Each developer has generously donated 10,000 Steam keys for their game, completely free of charge.

Included in the bundle are well known Steam games such as Gang Beasts, Among Us, Railway Empire, and The Falconeer, to name a few. The bundle will be made available exclusively through the Fanatical website from 4 pm GMT/ 5 pm CET / 11 am EST / 8 am PST on 24 March. The minimum donation, to purchase the bundle, will be $15 and customers will have the option to donate more. In return, they will receive a bundle of 58 games, all of which can be redeemed through Steam, with a value of over $750.

Fanatical MD Craig Johnson said, “We at Fanatical have watched in growing disbelief and frustration as the violent invasion of Ukraine has unfolded. The war is leaving innocent people without homes, orphaning children, and creating a desperate need for food, water, shelter and medical aid. When we were approached by fellow games industry folks about hosting a fundraising bundle for Ukraine, it was the easiest decision we’ve ever had to make. Richie and the team have done an amazing job in such a short space of time.”

Robot Teddy business developer Richie de Wit said, “The violent and unlawful invasion of Ukraine left us speechless, and we felt the need to do something to support the people of Ukraine. While initially starting as a Dutch games industry initiative, we quickly discovered that the idea spoke to Fanatical and other developers worldwide, resulting in this fantastic collaboration. Showing that we, too, Stand With Ukraine.”

100 per cent of the proceeds received from each sale will be donated to charity, enabling the Red Cross to continue their life saving work in Ukraine.